A guide to Moonfame’s extracurricular activities for kids

Elevate your children’s learning with Moonfame’s program of fun extracurricular activities and bespoke educational experiences

The kids may be back at school, but as most parents know, not all learning is done in the classroom. This is where Moonfame – founded by MCC’s very own Nouf Miteb – comes in!  With a program of industry-leading tailor-made workshops and educational activities for children (and some for adults, too!), Moonfame bridges the gap between between school and play.

Extracurricular activities on offer range from bespoke playdates, specialist workshops and vetted camps to private tuition and university prep, all run in a professional, safe and family-friendly environment. But at the heart of everything Moonfame does is a commitment to inspiring fun and engaging your child to help them soar and achieve their full potential inside and out of the classroom.

Programs are available on site and also virtually to ensure everyone has access to learning.

Here, we take a look at what’s on offer. For more information about courses and timetables please click here to contact Moonfame directly.

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Programs for kids

Helping children prepare for life outside the classroom, and ultimately further education and work, is something Moonfame excels at. Choose from a wide range of bespoke programs, including tailored workshops, ‘edutainment’ events, summer camps, private tuition and fun extracurricular activities, all of which focus on promoting your child’s personal development. The aim is to champion your children and nurture their talents, so they become responsible global citizens and the best version of themselves.

Did you know Moonfame also offers a specialist consultancy service? Moonfame’s experts will work with you and your child to devise a personalized, step-by-step program to support them where they need it the most.
Find out more and book your child’s next course here

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University prep

From deciding where to apply to selecting which course to study – preparing for university can be a stressful time for teenagers, Moonfame’s expert mentors are available to help support and guide them through the whole process, including selecting suitable universities and courses, the application writing process and creating portfolios. In fact the robust and methodical process they adopt has led to the Moonfame family being represented amongst Ivy League and Oxbridge Universities globally.
Find out how to book a mentor for your teenager here

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Programs for adults

Moonfame isn’t just for kids! Learning is a lifelong endeavour and Moonfame’s team of experts is here to support you, whether it’s through personal transformation or to help guide you in your career. Bespoke, individual programs are geared towards addressing your specific needs, but workshops and programs can also be tailored for the workplace, or even a group of friends.
Find out more about adult programs here


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