Book Club: Feel-good books to fill you with joy

By Bessma Bader

Books, if they are good, fill us with emotions. Sometimes we need a book that will pull at our hearts, but other times we need ones that will fill them with joy. Our list this time is feel-good books.



The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society

The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Society by Mary Anne Shaffer and Annie Barrows, published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

If you love someone and want to give them some sunshine in a book then give them this. Written in a series of letters between the characters of the book, you may feel like it cannot and should not work as a novel, and yet it does! Set in Guernsey 1946, right after the German occupation, it tells the story of a literary society as unique as its name. 

Juliet Ashton, a writer from London, is drawn to this Island after receiving a letter from one of the inhabitants who got a hold of a book that used to belong to her. It’s light, heart-warming and beautifully written.



Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, published by Little, Brown Book Group

If you are a Gilmore Girls fan (and then Parenthood) you will love this book. This is one you must listen to as Lauren reads it in only the way Lauren can. 

I love hearing about the ‘behind the scenes’ of The Gilmore Girls and Parenthood and found this to be a light, funny memoir. I just found out she’s  also written a few fiction books I have on my ‘to be read’ list. Leaves you smiling.



Superpowers for Parents by Stephen Briers

Superpowers for Parents: The Psychology of Great Parenting and Happy Children by Stephen Briers, published by Pearson

This book gives you seriously helpful insights into the psychology of children and how to help them develop essential life skills. It tackles important issues like resilience, anxiety, learning self-control and many more. It’s a light read, which is immediately translatable to real life. It’s not a new book but it’s one I always recommend. Full of advice that gives you quick wins which always leave parents feeling good!



– March book club
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About the author

Bessma bint Bader is an avid blogger and qualified parenting coach with a passionate interest in child development and education. She began her popular blog, Ya Mamma, in 2010 where she shares pertinent insights into the trials and tribulations of parenting, inspired by her five young children.

Since 2010, Bessma has been on the board of Saut as its treasurer – a charitable organization that promotes the welfare of people with Downs Syndrome. She is also on the board of the King Khaled Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the social and economic conditions for thousands of Saudi citizens.

Bessma is also the co-founder and owner of The Playroom – a play center in Riyadh, built around the belief that child-led play fosters creativity, encourages divergent thinking and builds good social skills.


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