How the SAUT Ramadan Suhoor and charity auction helps children with Down Syndrome

This year’s SAUT Ramadan suhoor, organized by event planner Ghadeer Ashour, raised crucial funds to help support children with Down syndrome

SAUT logoEvery year the SAUT charity, which supports children with Down syndrome, hosts a Ramadan suhoor to raise funds – and this year they took it up a level. The suhoor – the charity’s first gala dinner in more than two years – took take place in Riyadh’s opulent Nayara hall and was organized by top Saudi event planner Ghadeer Ashour. 

The evening was funded by generous donations from several companies and board members involved in organising the event, meaning all funds raised by the society go directly to those in need.

In addition to the traditional meal, the charity hosted a silent auction with exciting prizes donated by 10 local artists and businesses, including several prestigious jewelry houses. Another highlight of the evening were speeches by two SAUT alumni, Lulu Al-Maarik and Shaima almufathi, rounding off a hugely enjoyable and successful event.

The organizers were honored to have received beautiful pieces donated by established artists and designers, as well as at least 25 raffle prizes including two destination vacations, spa services, free dinners at the hottest restaurants in Riyadh, vouchers for the most sought-after items and gifts and more – all in support of a deserving charitable cause.

SAUT Ramadan Suhoor 2022

The charity SAUT: The Voice of Down Syndrome Society has been helping children with Down syndrome and their families since 1987 and has received international recognition for its programs.

At the heart of its work are the Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz Schools for Down Syndrome which are the only ones in the Kingdom to look after the needs of Down’s children from birth to adulthood. 

The charity links with hospitals in a bid to learn of any Down syndrome birth in the Riyadh area and will offer advice and support if the families want it. Although the charity has links with experts abroad it is very much a Saudi enterprise and its school classes are conducted in Arabic with a curriculum that includes prayer, Islamic studies, money management, social roles and vocations relevant to the local job market.

The charity says its goal is to “move from being the exception to being the solution” for children with Down syndrome and would like to branch out from Riyadh to other parts of the country through training and empowering other schools. 

SAUT Ramadan Suhoor and charity auction


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