Children’s app recommendation: Bugs And Buttons

This month’s app recommendation is Bugs And Buttons; a lovely creative learning app to help youngsters develop counting and critical learning skills, as well as pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination


Every month, Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech select their pick of the best apps to expand your little one’s mind and help make learning fun. This month, we take a look at creative learning app, Bugs and Buttons

This week’s app: Bugs And Buttons

Age: 3-5 (but playable by everyone)


This clever app is designed to hold young children’s attention – what’s not to like about lovable bugs? – while cunningly introducing creative learning through a series of games and challenges. The game covers such educational skills as counting and critical thinking, together with pattern recognition, memory exercises and hand-eye coordination.

The 18 activities and more than 40 achievements will give children’s motor skills a workout – dragging, pinching, tapping and tilting – amid detailed and visually interesting graphics. There’s a certain amount of humour in the dialogue and sound effects, and the music is particularly good. One relief for parents is that there are absolutely no in-app purchases or advertising.


Bugs and Buttons app

Why we love it

  • As it says ‘on the tin’, loads of activities cover all the key areas of early learning development – and they most certainly do.
  • The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, rich and luscious, which makes the interaction with the elements that much more compelling and entertaining.
  • Very clever and fun interactions. We particularly loved tilting our device back and forth to navigate the butterfly around the dandelions. So much fun to be had catapulting the bugs like a boomerang using eye and hand coordination to hit the moving target. Very satisfying to ‘gently’ pinch and drag the glowing and moving fireflies into their respective colored jars, dragging and placing the letter button into the correct alphabet sequence which is on a moving train.
  • The music that accompanies each activity is amazing, the quality is seriously that of a film and again, makes the whole experience that much more compelling. For example, in the classic ‘cups’ game where you have to choose which of the shuffled cups the bug crept under, the piano tune sounds like quirky vaudeville. When you race your bug in the bug-race game, the music sounds like a suspenseful 007 theme. And in the ‘catch ‘em’ game, your eye-hand coordination is tested by aiming for the bullseye, underscored by good ol’ fashioned Western tunes.
  • The reward system is also lovely – after playing each activity you collect bug stamps for your collection.
  • This app will keep your little one entertained for a very long time. They will want to play it over and over again and it’s a great app to take on a long car journey.


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About the authors

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour are from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech. Sarah, founder and MD of Anamil Tech, and with a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, is passionate about using media and technology to make learning fun and expand children’s knowledge of the world around them. Nicole Seymour, creative director of Anamil Tech, has been creating and producing digital content for young children for over 20 years for companies such as CBeebies, Disney, Lego Media and Scholastic.


Anamil Tech

Founded in 2015, Anamil Tech develops multilingual learning apps and videos to grow young children’s minds. Its flagship brand, Pacca Alpaca, is now being developed into a children’s TV show, which Sarah and Nicole are producing, alongside an animated TV show intended for family audiences in the Middle East.


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  1. MumOf3

    I love this app.. it’s the perfect pass time for when you are waiting for an appointment or in a long car journey. Best part is, I don’t feel guilty give it to my 5 year old as the games are intellectually stimulating and fun. I would also add that I can see kids up to the age of 7 years old enjoying this app. I do enjoy it myself when playing with my daughter 🙂

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