Children’s app of the week: Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour, from award-winning children’s production company Animal Tech, select their pick of the best apps to expand your little one’s mind and help make learning fun.

This week’s app: Hungry Caterpillar Play School
Age: Preschool
Focus: Hungry Caterpillar Play School focuses on many of the key skills young children need to get ahead on a lifelong journey of learning.


Hungry Caterpillar Play School


Based on Eric Carle’s beloved children’s book, Hungry Caterpillar Play School helps kids learn the skills they’ll need for school through exploration and meaningful play. The app covers five key areas of learning development, including math, language and literacy, science and nature, creative arts and problem solving, in line with international early learning standards.

As well as being fun and easy to use, the app is regularly updated with fresh content based on cutting-edge, evidence-based practices in teaching and design.

Why we love it 

Sarah’s four-year-old daughter, and MCC’s resident tester, Bessma is a huge fan of this app:

  • Eric Carle’s gorgeous designs are brought to life in this beautifully crafted app.
  • Each lesson is broken down into a series of age appropriate, easy to manage, mini interactions.
  • The pacing is slow and gentle, allowing your child to stay calm and focus on each interaction, and totally immerse themselves in each lesson.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School


There are so many, but here are a few of our favourites:

  • Numbers: 4 apples appear and as each is tapped and is counted aloud as the Hungry Caterpillar eats his way, ‘crunch crunch crunch’ through each apple. Very sweet!
  • Letters: the child is prompted to trace each letter. This interaction alone feels fluid and accurate, and lovely patterns are revealed within the shape of the letter making the experience more gratifying and memorable. 
  • Nature: plant seeds, water the garden and watch your seedlings sprout. Then nighttime into a star-filled sky, Hungry Caterpillar goes to sleep and  on the ‘next day’ sun up, water again and alas, sunflowers, also strawberries for more Hungry Caterpillar ‘crunch crunch crunch’!

In summary, the overarching narrative is to help Hungry Caterpillar crunch his way through this expansive lovely world, while learning through play and, in context, the many different areas of learning development.

The app is subscription-based and well worth it with SO much to do, and more content ‘unlocks’ as your child progresses. You can take comfort knowing that your child is spending ample time in a gentle, safe and entertaining space and learning useful skills in the process.

Link to the App Store:


About the authors

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour are from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech. Sarah, founder and MD of Anamil Tech, and with a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, is passionate about using media and technology to make learning fun and expand children’s knowledge of the world around them. Nicole Seymour, creative director of Anamil Tech, has been creating and producing digital content for young children for over 20 years for companies such as CBeebies, Disney, Lego Media and Scholastic.

Anamil Tech

Founded in 2015, Anamil Tech develops multilingual learning apps and videos to grow young children’s minds. Its flagship brand, Pacca Alpaca, is now being developed into a children’s TV show, which Sarah and Nicole are producing, alongside an animated TV show intended for family audiences in the Middle East.


  1. Nicole Seymour

    My niece loves these books, will definitely try out the app, looks really lovely!!

  2. Nouf Miteb

    My kids enjoyed the app when they were younger

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