Children’s app recommendation: Sago Mini School

This month’s app recommendation is Sago Mini School, a delightful app for preschoolers to help your child to build math, literacy, science and spatial skills as they discover fun learning games


Every month, Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech select their pick of the best apps to expand your little one’s mind and help make learning fun. 

This week’s app: Sago Mini School

Age: 2-5

Focus:  Before diving into this particular app, we want to start off by saying we are huge fans of this brand. Sago has been developing apps specifically targeted to preschoolers for many years. Actually they created the ethos that digital play for young children, the interactivity and feedback on the screen, should feel like real-world play and sensation, which is accentuated by joyful animation and audio. All their products are pure joy!


Sago Mini School / children's app


Developed with education and play experts, the app helps your child to build math, literacy, science and spatial skills as they discover fun learning games and kid-tested topics. And as they explore, your child will relate what they’re learning to their everyday lives – problem-solving skills, building confidence and creativity along the way – and all with the help of Sago Mini’s lovely signature characters.


Sago Mini School / children's app

Why we love it

• Children can choose from loads of different topics covering multiple interests – from forests to ice cream, bugs and butterflies, snow, big trucks, garbage, and many more – there’s something for every child.
• Each topic contains super fun games, activities, stories and videos for endless learning and productive entertainment.
• There’s no busy text on screen and the only audio heard is cheeky, fun ambient music and when a word is called out for object recognition. However you can record your voice or your child’s to accompany some of the activities and stories.
• The design is bright, fresh, clean and lively.
• The games themselves are so much fun to play. The way these games are designed, making a mistake is irrelevant. Each screen is so well laid out, through gentle visual prompts in context, that the child is encouraged to explore intuitively and will never get stuck as a result.
• We particularly loved the Garbage section, a maze-style game in which we had to sort and recycle different pieces of garbage; and along the way interacting with different styles of gadgets and pulleys to move things along.
• We also loved tracing numbers in the Grocery section – as we traced each number with a finger, a different piece of food was revealed. The actual movement doing so was really satisfying and the reward was lovely: our favorites were the doughnut for number zero, the hotdog for number one and strawberry for number five!
• And who doesn’t love using a magnifying glass to discover the wonderful world of bugs…


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Link to the Website

Sago is a wonderful trusted children’s brand that has been developing apps and other content for this young audience for many years. If you want to learn more about their products as well as their ethos, visit

Or try this real world play box, a great complement to the Sago app.



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About the authors

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour are from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech. Sarah, founder and MD of Anamil Tech, and with a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, is passionate about using media and technology to make learning fun and expand children’s knowledge of the world around them. Nicole Seymour, creative director of Anamil Tech, has been creating and producing digital content for young children for over 20 years for companies such as CBeebies, Disney, Lego Media and Scholastic.


Anamil Tech

Founded in 2015, Anamil Tech develops multilingual learning apps and videos to grow young children’s minds. Its flagship brand, Pacca Alpaca, is now being developed into a children’s TV show, which Sarah and Nicole are producing, alongside an animated TV show intended for family audiences in the Middle East.


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