Documentaries for kids recommended by MCC members

Need a good show to keep the kids entertained? Check out the shows our members suggested when we asked them for documentary ideas for kids…

Keeping children entertained can feel like a full-time job at times, so finding a good show to occupy them for an hour or two is worth its weight in gold. Even better if it has some educational value and a positive message.

To help, we turned to you, our members, on Instagram to ask for your top documentary recommendations, and you didn’t disappoint! Check out the list below, and feel free to let us know if we’ve missed any…

March of the Penguins

1. March of the Penguins, available on Amazon Video

Stunning wildlife documentary about emperor penguins in the Antarctic and their annual odyssey to their mating grounds. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
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Growing Up Wild

2. Growing up Wild, from Disneynature, available on Disney+

Beautiful photography follows the lives of five young animals from different corners of the globe as they learn how to survive.
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Elephant / Disney Nature

3. Elephant, from Disneynature, available on Disney+

Following the lives of a herd of elephants led by their matriarch as they trek across the Kalahari desert to reach the Zambezi river. Narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
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Pick of the Litter

4. Pick Of The Litter on most platforms including Amazon Prime Video

This heartwarming American documentary about picking and training guide dogs for the blind inspired a later series of the same name available on Disney+.
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Jane by Brett Morgan

5. Jane, available on Disney+

National Geographic produced this documentary about British primatologist Jane Goodall’s pioneering work with chimpanzees, and it is now available on Disney+.
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Spellbound documentary

6. Spellbound, available on Apple TV

An interesting account of the fortunes of eight American school students taking part in a national spelling bee.
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Ultimate survival

7. Ultimate Survival, available on Discovery Channel

Follow explorer Bear Grylls as he is dropped into some of the planet’s most inhospitable spots and left to find his own way out.
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