Happy Birthday MCC! Meet the team behind the scenes

It’s MCC’s first birthday, and to celebrate we’d like to introduce to the people who – led by our entrepreneurial founders – work behind the scenes to ensure our members have everything they need

From its origins as a humble WhatsApp group to managing hundreds of reservations and providing a social platform for our members, MCC has come a long way since we officially launched one year ago! Our founders – Nouf, Sarah and Sara – have worked tirelessly over the years to build their vision into a reality, and we’re inspired by them every day.

It takes a team, and here’s ours! We’re an international bunch working together remotely from various locations across the globe to ensure our members have the best possible experience. 


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HOURIA: Reservations Manager

Where: Live and work in Riyadh, KSA.
My secret Riyadh: Moroccan traditional baths, they’re so cozy and warm and you feel the most natural relaxation in the whole world.
Favorite holiday destination: New Delhi, India. It’s a wonderful melting pot of different cultures and languages.
What I do: As MCC’s reservations manager I monitor all the bookings on a daily basis as well as managing the team to ensure our members are well looked after at all times. In addition to this, I also help to grow our relationships with agents and ensure we get the best deals. MCC is the biggest part of my daily life.


Suzanne / Membership Relations

SUZANNE: Membership Relations

Where: Live and work in Riyadh, KSA.
My secret Riyadh: I am in love with Almamlaka tower – it’s such an amazing building. My favorite restaurant is Goodies in Thalia street.
Favorite holiday destination: Maldives, Malaysia and for sure Lebanon.
What I do: I look after the membership side fo things, connecting members with the management team where necessary, and follow up help solve any issues they may have.


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SARA M: Relationship Manager 

Where: Live and work in Riyadh, KSA.
My secret Portland (Oregon): The beautiful Portland Art Museum is my secret hangout spot. The museum is dedicated to bringing the community together through the mediums of art and cinema. It has a diverse collection, and each time you visit, you will see something new. After the art experience, I stop by the Ground Café at the museum and have a cup of coffee.
Favorite holiday destination: I enjoy spending time in Boston, USA. Charles Street Garden is my go-to spot for unwinding, whether it’s taking the swan boat ride, exploring the beautiful Duck Island, or just reading my book next to the fountain.
What I do: I started working on MCC when it was only a vision; I worked on the first in-house website that was built and contributed to its data and creation. I also had a role in naming the company. In my current role as the company’s Relationship Manager, I’m in charge of corporate deals, managing member businesses’ exposure, identifying business needs and creating strategies to address them, and fostering lucrative partnerships with business partners. MCC is more than a company to me; it is a business that I have witnessed grow from a concept to assist so many people in unique ways.


Natalie / Website Manager

NATALIE: Website Manager

Where: Live and work in London, UK
My secret London: Columbia Road flower market in East London on a Sunday is always a joy!
Favorite holiday destination: Anywhere in South America or the picture-postcard Cotswolds in the UK.
What I do: I joined MCC in July 2020 to help launch the website and bring the founders’ vision to life. One year on from the launch, I spend most of my time putting together exciting new content for our members, and making sure the website is up-to-date and running smoothly. I’m also helping to test the brand-new MCC app, which is launching soon. It’s going to be awesome, so watch this space! 


Maryam / Website and bookings assistant

MARYAM: Website and Booking Assistant 

Where: Live and work in Compiègne, France.
My secret Paris: I love the old Parisian streets, with the beautiful Haussmanian buildings, the smell of good coffee and Parisian baguettes, and enjoying a good breakfast.
Favorite holiday destination: I loved visiting Makkah; the good vibes and energy of the place and the complete disconnection from the world around us is incredibly special.
What I do: I joined MCC in May 2021 to help keep the Cities directory up-to-date, as well as uploading this content to the website. I have also joined the Bookings team to help arrange reservations France and French-speaking countries for our members.


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HANIN: Website and Bookings Assistant 

Where: Live and work in Beirut, Lebanon.
My secret Lebanon: Byblos – also known as Jbeil, is my ultimate happy place! The city is one of the oldest in the world and is perfectly positioned in-between mountains and the sea. It’s a beautiful place with a rich and diverse history. Best explored on foot!
Favorite holiday destination: Bali or the Maldives
What I do: I Joined the team in November 2021 to help with data and admin, and have since transitioned to help the increasingly busy Bookings team with restaurant and travel reservations.


Nicole / Creative Director

NICOLE: MCC contributor, and Creative Director and Executive Producer for Anamil Tech

Where: Live and work in London, UK; originally from New York.
My secret New York: The West Village in NYC, my favorite neighborhood in the entire city and where I lived before moving to London. Meandering around the charming streets, looking at the beautiful brownstone apartment buildings with their flower boxes (especially at Halloween) and ending up at Extra Virgin, one of my favorite restaurants.
Favorite holiday destination: South Africa and New York City.
What I do: I am Creative Director and Executive Producer for Anamil Tech, working with Sarah Faisal, who is the company founder and also one of the founders of MCC. We are a digital consultancy, specializing in developing websites, videos, games, apps and even TV. We helped to visualize and design the MCC brand from inception through to the development and build of the website, and are currently working on the launch of the app, which is all very exciting!


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BASMA: Bookings Assistant 

Where: Live and work in Riyadh, KSA.
My secret Riyadh: There’s a restaurant called Lenotre in the Centria Mall, which has spectacular views of the Riyadh skyline and, of course, the food is great.
Favorite holiday destination: Italy and Morocco for the great culture, architecture and fantastic food.
What I do: I recently joined the MCC family to work with the Bookings team. I look after restaurants or travel requests – basically anything that comes my way!


Helen / Social Media Manager

HELEN: MCC Social Media Manager

Where: Live and work in Brighton, UK.
My secret Brighton: Brighton, an hour from London on the UK’s South Coast, is renowned for its historical Lanes, lined with independent shops, cafes, galleries and street performers – the perfect spot for weekend mooching. In the summer, you can find me mostly paddleboarding off our beautiful beach or eating seafood at Brighton institution, Riddle & Finns.
Favorite holiday destination: Sailing around the Greek Islands or rugged West Wales in the UK.
What I do:  I joined the team in early 2021 to manage the MCC Instagram account, creating weekly content to support the website. Much of my job is designing eye-catching visuals, writing copy and working alongside Natalie and our lovely founders. 

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ACHRAF: Admin Assistant, Bookings Team

Where: Live and work in Morocco.
My secret Morocco: I’m drawn to calm places where I can feel most alive, but my favorite spot is always my ancestors’ village in Fez.
Favorite holiday destination: Rome and Baku.
What I do: I joined the team in November 2021 to help with admin on the bookings system and to help organize the workflow on a daily basis by providing updates, follow-ups and loading them manually into the booking system.



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