Healthy recipe: Apricot and coconut energy balls

Not only are these apricot and coconut energy balls easy to make, they contain nut butter and oats which will help you feel fuller for longer


Energy balls are having a moment just now. Suddenly everyone who’s going to the gym or trying to cut down on unhealthy snacks is carrying around some of these delicious little nibbles in their bags. These apricot and coconut bites are also great for children. Yes, the balls are energy-dense but you can make them any size you want to.

The fruit sugars will give instant energy and the nut butter and oats will make you feel fuller for longer. And if you make them yourself, you know exactly what the ingredients are – especially important when you give them to your children. These tasty little bites will keep for about 5 days in the fridge.


Makes about 12 small balls



– 3tbsp finely chopped dried apricots
– 3tbsp porridge oats
– 1½ tbsp coconut butter
– Small amount of desiccated coconut


1) Put all the ingredients in the smallest bowl of a food processor.
2) Blend and pulse until they begin to form a clump.
3) Roll pinches of the mixture into balls.
4) Roll in desiccated coconut.
5) Chill to firm up.



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