How a simple blood test could be the key to optimum health

Food testing firm GC Biosciences helps its clients attain optimum health and improve conditions such as inflammation, weight gain, hormonal issues and IBS, all though a simple blood test


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How much do you really know about your body? While many of us try to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain healthy weight and fitness levels, it’s what happens at a cellular level that can hold the key to optimum health.

What we put inside our bodies can have a huge impact on our overall wellbeing and cognitive health as well as conditions such as joint inflammation, hormonal issues, skin problems and IBS. Yet for most of us, nutrition is purely guess work. “Optimum nutrition for one person can look entirely different for someone else,” says Dr Robert Corney, co-founder of London-based biochemical food testing firm GC Biosciences. “Testing for health markers helps us to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies so we can create bespoke eating plans based on your individual requirements.”

MCC is proud to be partnering with GC Biosciences to bring you exclusive discounts on its products. We caught up with Dr Corney to find out more about the company and how food sensitivity screening can improve your health.


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Tell us about GC Biosciences…

My co-founder Calum Gore and I set up GC Biosciences in 2015 with the aim of using laboratory testing to pinpoint an individual’s specific nutritional needs. Essentially, we use blood tests to help create individual nutrition, diet and supplement plans. Our company has helped thousands of people improve their digestion, lose weight and manage a variety of ailments, including IBS, Crohn’s, chronic inflammation, joint pain and mood swings, to name a few.


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What sort of services do you offer?

We offer two main services: complete blood testing and food sensitivity testing. The complete blood testing service focuses on improving energy levels, identifying health issues and ensuring you’re functioning at optimum capacity. Food sensitivity testing can help identify digestive issues and help with weight loss, and also improve various skin conditions. 


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How does it work?

The food sensitivity test works by identifying trigger foods that can cause poor skin, hair loss, digestive problems and low energy. We use the most advanced techniques to determine the body’s immune reaction to various food types, then by removing these foods from the diet, we aim to reduce the inflammation that’s frequently the root cause of these ailments.

For the complete blood chemistry service we screen blood test results using traditional techniques and interpret them to discover health patterns and nutritional deficiencies. We then work to balance these with a diet and supplement plan to get you back to optimum health.  


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How can GC Biosciences help MCC members?

Once we’ve thoroughly assessed the test results we’ll send you a report and arrange post-test consultation, which can be done virtually if you’re abroad. This will be a detailed conversation with myself to discuss the results and the reasons why you may be feeling low on energy, for example, and what changes we recommend to your diet and supplements. We also offer complete support for two months to ensure we get optimum results from all our patients. Our customers’ testimonials speak for themselves.


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Can the initial tests be done via post?

Absolutely! A simple blood test is all we need. Many of our Middle Eastern clients arrange a nurse to visit their home to take the sample then pop it in the post to us.

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About Dr Robert Corney

Dr Robert Corney, 36, is a company director and registered nutritionist specialising in laboratory research to help aid weight loss and improve energy and other health ailments. He has contributed to several international academic journals and regularly presents seminars at international conferences. Dr Corney regularly attends the Royal Society of Medicine and works closely with his peers at other Harley street institutions to discover new techniques. His qualifications include a 1st class Honours BSc, MSc and M.Phil in nutrition and appetite.


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