Ya Mamma’s Book Club: Frozen Mountain by Emily Hawkins

This month, our resident bookworm Bessma Bader recommends a modern take an old classic with Emily Hawkins’ choose your own adventure book, Frozen Mountain


I loved the so-called  “choose your own adventure” books when I was younger. They’re essentially chapter books for children where you would be faced with three options at the end of each short chapter to decide what happens next. Each choice takes you to a different page in the book where you either continue your adventure or, sadly, your adventure ends (usually with some sort of situation that kills off your character in the book).

When I was younger, these books were highly original and not competing with actual adventure games on iPads in high definition and with incredible soundtracks. The only competition was a couple of channels on the TV and VHS tapes of sitcoms that we had watched a few hundred times already. So I cannot explain my excitement when I came across the following book while looking for gifts for my children: 


Frozen Mountain by Emily Hawkins & R Fresson / Wide Eyed Publishing

Frozen Mountain: Decide your destiny with a pop-out fortune spinner, by Emily Hawkins, illustrated by R Fresson

This wonderful book is an updated “choose your own adventure” book for the 2020’s child! You are the main character of this adventure book, and you are about to meet your grandfather in the mountains when the helicopter you’re flying in crashes. Every page will give you a scenario to which you have to choose and decide what happens next. Each decision has a set of different outcomes which will take you to a specific page to continue your adventure. But, as an added twist, the spinner decides some outcomes!

Your character has to go around the frozen lake or across it in one scenario. Whichever one you choose to do, you must place the spinner on the circle of the choice and spin it to see if you get through unscathed!

This was a great book to read as a family and is full of interesting facts and information about different people surviving against incredible odds. Highly recommended as a family read for the adventurous child!



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