Kids’ Book Club Takeover: Nine-year-old Abdulaziz’s favorite reads

This month’s kids’ book club is brought to you by nine-year-old Abdulaziz Bandar Al Saud, who recommends titles from Tui T Sutherland and David Walliams

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At MCC, we’re passionate believers in the joy of reading and the
power of books to help our little ones learn and develop.This month we asked nine-year-old Abdulaziz Bandar Al Saud – son of MCC member Basma Abdulaziz – to tell us about his favorite titles in his own words. Abdulaziz is a fourth-grader at Advanced Learning Schools in Riyadh where his favorite subject is history. At home he loves reading and gardening.

Over to Abdulaziz:

Wings of Fire / Tui T Sutherland

Wings Of Fire series, by Tui T Sutherland, published by Scholastic

Abdulaziz says:  “These are books for dragon lovers. What I love about these books is that they encourage children to be adventurous and they take you into a magical world.”

MCC says: These heartwarming fantasy tales are ostensibly about dragon worlds, but they have a strong anti-war and anti-violence theme. Usually the heroes will put an end to conflict using pacifist means and try to prevent harm coming to other dragons. 


The Billionaire Boy / David Walliams

The Billionaire Boy, by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books 

Abdulaziz says: “From this book I have learned new words, such as gazillion [a very large number] which is very interesting. The story is about a billionaire boy, with a lot of interesting rooms. It teaches you that money isn’t everything and happiness comes from family.”

MCC says: This book wraps a strong moral message about the meaning of family and the ephemeral value of money around a charming and humorous tale of a lonely rich boy and his search for friendship and affection. British comedian and writer David Walliams has created quirky characters who leap from the page and deliver their message without preaching or judgment.



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