Kids’ Book Club Takeover: Nine-year-old Abdulaziz’s favourite reads

This month’s kids’ book club is brought to you by nine-year-old Abdulaziz Sultan Alsaud, who recommends titles from Dustin Growick, Rick Riordan and Dav Pilkey

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At MCC, we’re passionate believers in the joy of reading and the power of books to help our little ones learn and develop.This month we asked nine-year-old Abdulaziz Sultan Alsaud to tell us about his favourite titles in his own words. Abdulaziz, is in Grade 4 at Advanced Learning Schools, where his favorite subject is ICT (Information Communication Technology). When he’s not reading or doing his schoolwork, he enjoys jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and playing video games.

Over to Abdulaziz:


Dinosaur A to Z / Dustin Growick / DK

The Dinosaur A to Z, An Amazing Alphabetical Dinosaur Parade, by Dustin Growick, published by DK Children

“Dinosaur A to Z teaches you facts about dinosaurs and what their names mean, such as T-rex: king of the tyrant lizards; Ankylosaurus: armoured lizard. The things I like about this book are the amazing creatures.”

MCC says: This is such a good resource for children fascinated by dinosaurs, offering a parade of their favorites in alphabetical order, marching across each page and pictured to scale. Young readers can learn how to pronounce the names, the meaning behind them, and what they ate. Author Dustin Growick is a science instructor at the New York Hall of Science, who also presents a show on YouTube called The Dinosaur Show with Dustin Growick


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters / Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters, the graphic novel, by Rick Riordan, published by Puffin

“This is an amazing book. It is about a half-boy half-god called Percy Jackson. He’s all hero but not really a god. I like this book because it is full of magic and full of monsters.”

MCC says: This is a clever series in which US author Rick Riordan introduces information about Greek and Roman gods to action adventure stories – in this case in graphic novel form – mixing them with his own invented characters. He does the same in other series with Egyptian and Norse deities. There are a lot of puns and jokes which may go over the heads of younger readers, but the stories are fun and the graphic format will appeal to children reading in English as a second language.


Dog Man and the Cat Kid / Dav Pilkey

Dog Man And Cat Kid, by Dav Pilkey, published by Scholastic

“Dog man is an action and adventure book. It is about a policeman and a police dog who got hurt in a big explosion and the doctor had bad, bad news. What I like about this book is the creativity, the fighting and the heroes.”

MCC says: This funny tale is from American writer Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants, and is like all his books in dealing with themes such as the importance of friendship, tolerance, and being kind to others. It’s in graphic novel form, so is simple to read for children and engages their attention.




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