Kids’ Book Club Takeover: Yasmeen’s favorite read

This month’s kids’ book club is brought to you by 12-year-old Yasmeen S Hokail, who recommends a title from Kristen Mahoney

At MCC, we’re passionate believers in the joy of reading and the power of books to help our children learn and develop.This month we asked 12-year-old Yasmeen S Hokail to tell us about her favorite title in her own words. Yasmeen is in grade 8 at school where she naturally enjoys reading as much as possible

Over to Yasmeen:

Kristen Mahoney / Kids' Book Club

The 47 People You’ll Meet in Middle School, By Kristen Mahoney, published by Knopf Books for Young Readers

“This is a very good and well-written book, but most of all it is helpful for people who are struggling in middle school (with the social part). The book talks about the journey of a girl named Augusta who struggles with the different people she meets. 

“It describes the different personality types of middle-schoolers and helps you recognize them. The book helped me when I was struggling to make friends, because I was able to identify the girls I met. This book is written from the view of Augusta and helping her sister with her upcoming year in middle school. Overall this book is a great help to people who need help in making friends in middle school.”

Would you kids be interested in a real-life book club?

Do your children love books? Would they be interested in a Saudi-based book club? We’ve been approached by several members asking if we have one, so we’d like to gauge interest. Please drop us a line here if you think your child would be interested to join.


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