Kids’ TV show recommendation: Pup Academy

Each fortnight, MCC co-founder Sara Khaled selects a fun or educational TV show that has caught her eye; tried and tested by her four young children. This week, Sarah takes a look at Pup Academy, an American/Canadian series set in a school for adorable dogs.

Show: Pup Academy
Platform: Netflix
Age: Pre-school + 


As the title suggests, the stories center on a school for puppies, where they learn how to behave and interact with their human friends. And if the location suggests Harry Potter with dog biscuits then this is doubtless intentional but none the worse for it. The show is sweet and uncomplicated and has a high moral tone. It’s not animation, but filmed with real dogs, which adds to the cuteness.

This award winning series was first shown on Disney Channel in the United States and TVOntario in Canada in August 2019. Netflix picked it up in 2020 and there are now two seasons available. Episodes vary between 23 and 47 minutes, with most at about 25 minutes. Season 3 is expected during 2021.


Why we love it

  • The plots usually address some kind of dilemma that might affect young schoolchildren – bullying, for example – and the pups are shown learning to deal with such situations.
  • The puppy characters are sufficiently removed from reality to make the plotlines unthreatening to small children.
  • Pups are shown making mistakes and sometimes making unwise decisions but managing to put things right.
  • It speaks to several age groups. While aimed at younger children, their older siblings would see more depth behind the plots and dilemmas.
  • It’s endearing and utterly charming.


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About the author

Sara Khaled is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she lives with her husband and four young children, aged between 6 months and 10 years old. A public health graduate of King Saud University, Sara is a co-founder of Moon Community Club, and passionate advocate of causes that promote social development.

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