Kids’ TV Show recommendation: The Inbestigators on Netflix

The Inbestigators on Netflix is a fun, mockumentary-style detective show for kids that follows the escapades of four 5th-graders as they strive to solve a different mystery every episode


Each month, MCC co-founder Sara Khaled selects a fun or educational TV show that has caught her eye; tried and tested by her four young children. This week, Sarah takes a look at The Inbestigators, an Australian children’s series centering on a group of children who form a detective agency.


Show: The Inbestigators

Platform and streaming: Netflix

Age: 6 to 11



Made in a mockumentary comedy style, this series had its debut in 2019 in Australia and has now been picked up by Netflix. A second series was released in 2020. The storyline involves 5th-grade schoolchildren (aged 10-11) who get together to form a detective agency to solve such school and neighborhood puzzles as a parcel missing from a porch, a stolen science problem, and money missing from cake-sale proceeds.

The series has been praised for its gentle moral tone – there is always a life lesson to be learned somewhere in each story – but also for its humor and general intelligence. It’s fun for children to try to solve the mystery at home. Episodes are a short 15 mins, and therefore suitable for younger children as well as older ones.


Why we love it

  • Education is hidden in the charming tales. The children are shown learning to observe, use critical thinking skills, evaluate situations, analyse them and explain them succinctly.
  • There’s a moral tone implicit throughout. Wrongs are righted, and the desirability of teamwork, kindness to others and taking responsibility are recurring themes.
  • The cast have diverse backgrounds.
  • The pace is not frenetic or bewildering.


Watch the trailer–STSPFUSk


About the author

Sara Khaled is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she lives with her husband and four young children, aged between 6 months and 10 years old. A public health graduate of King Saud University, Sara is a co-founder of Moon Community Club, and passionate advocate of causes that promote social development.

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