Kids’ TV show of the week: The Mandalorian on Disney+

MCC co-founder Sara Khaled selects a fun TV show for your little ones to enjoy, tried and tested by her four young children.

Show: The Mandalorian (2 seasons, with S3 coming coming soon)
Platform: Disney+
Age: 9-10+ (there is some mild to moderate violence that may not be appropriate for younger kids)
– The show is officially rated TV-14, with some episodes TV-PG, but children over 9 or 10 should be fine if they’re used to watching action storylines.


A spinoff from the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is set in a lawless galaxy at some point after the fall of the Empire and before the arrival of the First Order, although you don’t need to have seen Star Wars, or even be a fan, to enjoy this series. The action follows the adventures of the eponymous hero “Mando”, a lone gun-toting bounty hunter who’s a member of a dwindling race of helmeted warriors who featured in the original Star Wars trilogy. Early in S1, Mando is hired to find a precious object, which turns out to be The Child, otherwise known on social media as “Baby Yoda”. And so the adventure begins…

Why we love it 

  • The whole family will enjoy watching it. The Mandalorian operates on a number of levels, making it perfect for kids, parents and Star Wars fans alike.
  • The show is essentially a western/sci-fi mash-up, so expect lots of action, unusual creatures and cool robots. 
  • The main character, the Mandalorian of the show’s title, is not entirely good or bad, but the show explores the concepts of good and evil, honor, forgiveness and redemption. 
  • There are several strong female characters in the show. 
  • Baby Yoda is ridiculously cute and endearing – your kids will fall in love with him!
  • It’s fun to watch with plenty of witty and lighthearted moments to keep the whole family entertained. 
  • It does contain some violent scenes (it is set in the Star Wars universe, after all), but it’s not senseless or gory. One to watch with your older children when the little ones are tucked up in bed!


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About the author

Sara Khaled is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she lives with her husband and four young children, aged between 6 months and 10 years old. A public health graduate of King Saud University, Sara is a co-founder of Moon Community Club, and passionate advocate of causes that promote social development.

Image credits: Disney+


  1. Najla Khaled

    Can’t wait to watch when my son is a bit older! Thank you for this great review😍

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