Kids’ game recommendation: Let’s Play Wudu! by Moonfame

Let’s Play Wudu! from Moonfame is a delightful animated game for Muslim kids to teach them the principles of Wudu in a format that’s fun and engaging


Every month, Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech, select their pick of the best apps to expand your little one’s mind and help make learning fun. 

This week’s game: Let’s Play Wudu! from Moonfame

Age: 3-5

Focus: Learn Wudu


Wudu game from Moonfame


This week MCC is doing something a little different – we asked our resident reviewers from Anamil Tech, Sarah and Nicole, if they would present a game they developed themselves. 

Let’s Play Wudu! was developed for one of Anamil Tech’s clients, Moonfame, a company that runs online and onsite educational courses aimed at Muslim children and their families. 

Moonfame came to us to help them rebrand as they continue to grow their business,” says Sarah. “In addition to creating a video promo, a family of cartoon characters, and redesigning their website, Moonfame commissioned us to create a special online game for children that they could also use as their flagship example to promote what Moonfame is all about: high-quality, fun and bespoke learning – the key pillars of Moonfame and why they have incredible repeat clientele.

“Learning Wudu is a critical aspect of every Muslim child’s early learning development. While there are many videos out there that teach Wudu, as well as a few games, we didn’t find them very appealing or with any replay value – and neither did our little expert testers. We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to create something fun, valuable, rewarding, and memorable.” 

Nicole felt that music would be a great draw: “‘As we know, children respond really well to cartoon characters, especially if they look fun and inviting. In a game, appealing characters are super useful for motivating and interesting the child. Because Wudu is a repetitive ritual, we also realised that integrating a catchy song would further engage children as they learn each step.”

At the beginning of the game, the child is prompted to choose which character they want to play with, Moon or Fame. 

Wudu game - Moon and Fame

The child is then presented with the Wudu songbook, showing each step in the ritual in sequence.

Wudu game / Moonfame

Each screen shows the ritual for each part of the body. The child is prompted to tap the screen to emulate the washing ritual for the required number of times, which is shown by the animated character. 

Wudu game - wash your face / Moonfame

After the child completes each step, they unlock a video clip showing the part they just finished, and after all the steps, they are rewarded with the entire song video.

“With every game we develop we do loads of testing with kids, mainly because they are way smarter than we are when it comes to gameplay,” says Nicole. “This testing is critical to how we make our games better, more fun, and completely age appropriate. And sure enough, not only were our little testers learning Wudu, they were also tapping their toes and singing the song – success!”


Final word

“This game was made with a lot of passion because we truly believe we are addressing a specific need that is not being served in this genre,” says Nicole. “We hope your children love this game as much as we did making it – and we’d welcome feedback.”

To find out more about Moonfame and their amazing courses for children and families, visit the Moonfame website, and watch the promo video here:



If you’re interested in learning about Moonfame’s bespoke courses that they design specifically to suit your child’s core interests and needs, contact them on: [email protected]



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About the authors

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour are from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech. Sarah, founder and MD of Anamil Tech, and with a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, is passionate about using media and technology to make learning fun and expand children’s knowledge of the world around them. Nicole Seymour, creative director of Anamil Tech, has been creating and producing digital content for young children for over 20 years for companies such as CBeebies, Disney, Lego Media and Scholastic.


Anamil Tech

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