Space for Self: A holistic approach to your Ramadan routine

Discover are more holistic approach to your Ramadan routine this year with Space for Self from LA wellness practitioner and founder Posetta Koujou

Ramadan is traditionally a time for self-reflection and spiritual growth, but for those who wish to take a deeper dive into their self-awareness and the transformative power of Holy Month, LA wellness guru Posetta Koujou has created an easy-to-follow holistic guide to enhance your Ramadan routine.

Space for Self provides practical tools to help you check in with yourself during this auspicious time, and recognise if you need to adapt and transform, or simply need to believe in yourself more during the year ahead.

“Simplicity is at the heart of this guide,” explains Posetta. “I saw the people who don’t want to be drawn into the overwhelming self-help wellness reals and made this for them.” With this in mind, Space for Self is presented in two, easily digestible sections covering all things Mind and Body – as well as nutritious and simple recipes to incorporate into a healthy Suhoor and Iftar meal plan.

  • Posetta Koujou is a C.H.T & Intergrative Health Practitioner, and founder of Tonic Wellness Boutique in Los Angeles, California


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