Must-have summer fashion trends with stylist Aimée Parfitt

Stylist Aimée Parfitt explains this season’s summer fashion trends and why feminine dresses and bold colorways should be on your shopping list


Now summer’s in full swing and foreign holidays are firmly back on the agenda, thoughts inevitably turn to what to wear. A few key pieces can rejuvenate your seasonal wardrobe and ensure you stand out from the crowd. But where to start? We caught up with UK-based stylist Aimée Parfitt from The A-List for her take on this year’s must-have summer fashion trends, and how to accessorize any outfit for look that’s as creative and individual as you are. 


Ananya SS21Ananya SS21

What are your favourite pieces for summer 2021?

I always think summer is a season that pushes me to try things a little differently. I’m not a girly girl but no one can deny that when the sun is shining, a lovely fresh summer dress is always a beauty! I always pick pieces that are great for my shape and use accessories to add an edge to my look. This summer it’s about bold colors, shapes and jewellery stacking. I love Ananya (pic above), her jewellery is perfect for layering up to add to your look. 

Nevenka SS21Nevenka SS21

Nevenka is a hero of mine when it comes to not being able to resist the girly girl deep inside. If, like me, you’ve not found your true girly side yet, I urge you to get involved with Nevenka.

Nevenka SS21Nevenka SS21

It is such a divine collection, which really drives forward the importance of empowering through true femininity. It helps that the designer, Rosemary Masic, is such a babe too! 


Prada slingback shoes in blackPrada SS21

What’s the easiest way to transition from day to evening wear?

I would say always have a kitten heel handy. In summer, I love to walk about everywhere and, let’s face it, our 12cm heels aren’t going to do the job, so I make sure a nice comfy chic kitten heel is always on hand. I love something like a Balenciaga Drapy mule or a Prada slingback. Simple, chic but with an edge.


Banke Kuku SS21Banke Kuku SS21

How can I add colour to my summer wardrobe?

So, my favourite hero of color this year (and I’m sure for the future) is Banke Kuku (pic above) – lightweight beautiful silks that hug the body in such a classic way. I promise you, once you wear one of her pieces you’ll want to keep investing in more to fill your wardrobe, and there are some gorgeous pieces for kids, as well.

Banke Kuku SS21Banke Kuku SS21

Her pieces are extremely feminine, yet the bold contrasts with color means she really adds a punch of power to your style.  She’s really ticking the acid tones trend which is so hot this season. If you haven’t yet caught my Instagram IGTV interview with her on summer styling then make sure you check it out on my Insta page. 


Escvdo SS21Escvdo SS21

Which fabrics are best in hot weather?

I always suggest trying to stay with natural fabrics – cotton, silks and denims are so lightweight. You need to let your skin breathe! Escvdo is a Peruvian designer I fell in love with.

Escvdo SS21 / Summer fashion trendsEscvdo SS21

Daniel’s gorgeous natural cottons sit so effortlessly on the body and are always extremely comfortable to wear in the heat. It also helps that his designs are all so beautiful! You are really on to a winner with this collection for this summer.


Bottega Veneta sleeveless shirt dressBottega Veneta SS21

How do you dress for the office in summer?

As a creative, I feel lucky that the work I do gives me the freedom to bring a more relaxed feel into my office dressing in the summer. I think the easiest way to sharpen anything up is a nice oversized tailored blazer. Of course a roomier fit also makes it a lot more comfortable to wear on a warmer day. 

Brandon Maxwell shirt dressBrandon Maxwell SS21

I’m in love with shirt dresses by brands such as Bottega Veneta or Brandon Maxwell, and, as I said, if you throw on a kitten heel and a sexy pair of shades then you’re hitting all the feels. I’m also a sneaker lover, so I’m always changing up my sneakers to the heels ready for the evening.  


L'Alingi Love Clutch SS21L’Alingi SS21

Bag or no bag?

Oh, I would say absolutely always a bag! Genuinely, if I don’t carry one I am grabbing the air trying to have something to hold. That said, our phones are now getting so big you may as well invest in the Chanel case and use it as a bag.

Zarqua SS21 handbagZarqua SS21

In all seriousness, I’m loving little touches of sparkle, for the summer. The perfect touch of glamour.  L’Alingi is a fave of mine with her Swarovski heart clutches and there is also a brand called Zarqua who perfectly mix print and sparkle. 


Orange dress SS21 by EscvdoEscvdo SS21

What are the trendiest prints and colors for summer 2021?

Monochrome is always in and I don’t think it will ever fade! If you’re daring enough, I would say acid tones, as I mentioned earlier. Summer is the perfect time to be bold, and color suits everyone. I would just encourage you to find the colour in which you feel best. I do a lot of color analysis with my clients and I love doing it, so to anyone interested in finding out which colors work best for them, get in touch and let’s definitely do a color day. 

I am also loving all the animal prints I have seen coming through this season. My eyes always gravitate towards a print, and the same when I see a bit of sparkle.

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Aimee Parfitt / Summer fashion trends SS21

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