Smoothie Sundays: Tangy spinach smoothie

A simple and nutritious breakfast will set you up for the whole day and this easy-to-make spinach smoothie is packed full of vitamin-rich ingredients


Sometimes the world of smoothies can become complicated, requiring add-ins of various extras – such as protein powders and seeds –  to boost the nutritional content. There’s nothing wrong with that if you happen to have a good supply of such things, but sometimes it’s a relief just to go back to basics.

This veggie-based smoothie combines three green vegetables (yes, avocado is strictly speaking a fruit but we’re thinking of green things here), some carrots, and a touch of fresh ginger for a kick, with a little pineapple for sweetness. Sometimes veggie smoothies can need a little help in the taste department, to avoid tasting bitter. Make sure you have a good blender too – smoothies were not designed to be chewed!

This is a highly nutritional drink. Spinach contains carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron, and calcium; broccoli ​​is a good source of fibre and protein, and contains iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium as well as vitamins A, C, E, K and a range of B vitamins including folic acid. Avocados are stuffed with vitamins and also offer omega-3 fatty acids.The fiber in carrots can help keep blood sugar levels under control, while ginger is loaded with antioxidants.


Serves 1


– I cup baby spinach leaves (less bitter than full-grown spinach)
– ½ cup broccoli florets
– ½ an avocado
– 2 small carrots, chopped finely or grated
– ½ cup chopped pineapple – canned is fine, as long as it’s drained and was not canned in syrup
– ½ tsp chopped fresh ginger
– Your blending liquid of choice – oat milk, rice milk, almond milk or coconut milk



Put everything in the blender except the milks. Add a small amount of water and blitz, then add your liquid of choice until the desired consistency.



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