The best restaurants to visit in Como, Italy

Find out where to find the best restaurants in the lakeside city of Como

The northern Italian city of Como, perched on the lake of the same name and close to the Alps, has been a popular tourist destination for centuries – even before the concept of tourism developed, rich Italians were moving to villas on the lake shore.

Rich celebrities still do – Donatella Versace has property here, as does Hollywood star George Clooney, who has entertained such eminent guests as former US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle at his 18th-century villa.

The popularity of the city also means that there is a huge choice of restaurants – no one has ever accused the Italians of not loving their food. Many venues, of course, have lakeside terraces overlooking the stunning views.

Here, our team has picked out a selection of dining spots and tourist attractions that members might like to try.

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Restaurant Sottovoce / Lake Como


Mentioned in the current Michelin Guide, this elegant, upscale contemporary restaurant sits inside the five-star Vista Palazzo boutique hotel in Como town. The Sottovoce restaurant under chef Stefano Mattara, offers a fine-dining menu – including a chef’s tasting menu – to be eaten on the terrace or inside the restaurant, with breathtaking views as a side dish. Highly recommended by MCC members.
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Call: +39 031 5375241
Address:  Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 24, 22100 Como

La Columbetta / Lake Como

La Colombetta

Elegant and charming restaurant set on two floors in a historic former chapel and serving top-class cuisine. It needs searching for, but is worth the trouble. And yes, George Clooney has dined here!
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Call: +39 031 262703
Address: Via Generale Armando Diaz 40, 22100 Como 

Bar della Terme / Lake Como

Bar Delle Terme

This elegant restaurant and bar set in the four-star Terminus Hotel, is of the classic, vintage red-plush upholstery variety, in fine weather extending onto a pleasant terrace with a view of Lake Como. The menu is classic Italian with a few international dishes such as steak tartare or chicken curry.
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Call: +39 031 329111
Address: Lungo Lario Trieste 14, 22100 Como

Il Gatto Nero / Lake Como

Il Gatto Nero

This elegant restaurant has a stunning view of Lake Como – yes, the Clooneys have dined here! – and offers a modern Italian menu. Booking is essential because the views are so popular.
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Call: +39 031 512042
Address: Via Della Liberta 69, 22012 Cernobbio, Como

Navedano / Lake Como


Boasting a Michelin star, Navedano is housed a few minutes away from the city center, in a historic former water mill that has been in the Casartelli family for five generations. It offers refined, upscale cuisine in a graceful setting. Highly recommended by MCC members.
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Call: +39 031 308080
Address: Via Giuseppe Velzi, 422100 Como 

Il Giardino / Lake Como

Il Giardino

Il Giardino is a restaurant/pizzeria within the small hotel of the same name. It’s right in the center of the old town of Cernobbio, a few hundred yards from the lake and offers freshly made pizzas from the pizzeria, and well-made trattoria-style dishes in the main restaurant. There’s also a lush garden with a shaded terrace in which to dine outside.
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Call: +39 031 511154
Address: Via Regina, 73, 22012 Cernobbio, Como

Ristorante Momi / Lake Como

Ristorante Momi

This lovely restaurant is right on the lake at Blevio, opposite Cernobbio, and with a boat dock right beside it. Chef-patron Andrea Dotti uses produce straight from the garden surrounding the restaurant, and from the fish sold fresh every day. The views from the lovely terrace are stunning, especially at dinner time, but the modern Italian menu is also deservedly popular.
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Call: +39 334 120 2327
Address: Frazione Girola, Blevio, 22020 Como

Trattoria del Glicini / Lake Como

Trattoria del Glicine

This bills itself as a trattoria but the food is excellent and the views from the pretty terrace are beautiful. The family-run restaurant is housed in a lofty, cool, vintage early 20th-century building, with simple but smart decor and a warm atmosphere. Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes are also featured on the menu.
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Call: +39 031 511332
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 1, Località Piazza Santo Stefano In Collina, 22012 Cernobbio, Como

Mystic Burger / Como

Mystic burger

Taking burgers to a new – much higher – level, Mystic Burger makes theirs from top-grade meat, served in buns of seven different kinds of artisanal bread, with extra fillings such as foie gras, Italian cheeses, onion rings wrapped in bacon and fried… And much more.
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Call: +39 031 263171
Address: Via Diaz, 78/80, Como

Agriturismo Sorasso / Lake Como

Azienda Agricola Sorsasso 

Sitting in the hills above the lake, with beautiful views, is this vineyard and restaurant where they hold wine tastings – George Clooney served their wines at his wedding, apparently! – and serve meals of their own produce. Booking is essential. There’s also a farm shop.
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Call: +39 0344 910022
Address: Via Gaggio 1 / Bis, 22013 Domaso, Como

Da Abbate / Lake Como

Da Abate 

One for lovers of fresh fish, this rustic restaurant at Lezzeno, about 10 miles from Como city center, but still on the lake, sells only the fish that its fishermen catch in the lake every day, so the menu changes depending on the catch. It can be reached by boat as well as by car and offers a truly artisanal Italian experience.
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Call: +39 031 914986
Address: Villa 4 – 22025 Lezzeno, Como

La Vita è Bella / Lake Como

La Vita è Bella

This healthy-eating restaurant specializes in salads, with many vegetarian and vegan options, but also includes a range of meat and fish dishes, as well as such Italian signatures as lasagne, carbonara and gnocchi.
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Call: +39 031 302667
Address: Piazza Domenico Croggi 4, 22100, Como 

Ristorante Aurora Lezzeno / Lake Como

Ristorante Aurora Lezzeno

This restaurant attached to the three-star hotel Aurora at Lezzeno, has a stunning position on the lake with dining terraces overlooking the beautiful views. The menu is modern Italian with vegetarian options, and includes pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.
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Call: +39 031 914645
Address: Frazione Sossana, 2 – 22025 Lezzeno, Como

Locanda La Tirlindana / Lake Como

Locanda La Tirlindana

A little over 15 miles from the center of Como, but still on the lake, this charmingly rustic restaurant is on the main square of the small medieval town of Sala Comacina, with its outside seating spilling down towards the lake, offering good views. The cuisine is authentic home-style Italian cooking at its best.
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Call: +39 034 456637
Address: Piazza Matteotti 5, 22010 Sala Comacina, Como

Mistral / Lake Como


This elegant restaurant boasting a Michelin star is housed in the five-star Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, the only hotel of this standard in the village of Bellagio, with lakefront terraces offering gorgeous views. Chef Ettore Bocchia and his team offer an inspiring fine-dining menu, and the restaurant is highly recommended by MCC members.
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Call: +39 031 950216
Address: Via Teresio Olivelli, 1, 22021 Bellagio, Como


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