Videos for kids: National Geographic Kids on YouTube

Encourage your children’s interest in all things nature and the world around them with videos from National Geographic Kids that are fun, informative and educational


Every month, we showcase an online video channel that’s suitable for kids. From entertaining skits to educational and informative clips, we recommend family friendly content that will engage and inspire your little ones. This month, we take a look at National Geographic Kids, available for streaming on YouTube.

Channel: National Geographic Kids

Platform and streaming: YouTube

Age: 6-13



National Geographic’s offering for youngsters is everything you’d expect from the iconic and trusted brand. Packed full of fascinating videos on all things weird and wonderful for planet-loving kids, the content promises to make learning fun, and it certainly delivers. Bite-sized videos will keep your kids informed and entertained, on a diverse range of topics, from Can People Live Under the Sea and Weird But True, Fast Fact about how often kids blink, to Animal Showdown: Elephant vs Ant. The selection is truly awe-inspiring!


Why we like it

  • The videos cover a huge variety of topics, from wildlife, new tech, planet Earth as well as weird and wacky fast facts
  • A good selection of videos are under 1 minute long, so they’re easy for kids to consume and digest
  • The overall purpose of the videos is to encourage kids to be curious about the world they live in
  • They’re designed to educate kids, but they’re never condescending
  • The videos are high quality, as you’d expect from National Geographic
  • Parents can use the videos as learning tools – you may even learn something new yourself!


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