Videos for kids: Ninja Kidz TV channel

This family-friendly channel Ninja Kidz TV has amassed more than 15million subscribers on YouTube since it began in 2017 


Every month, we showcase an online video channel that’s suitable for kids. From entertaining skits to educational and informative clips, we recommend family friendly content that will engage and inspire your little ones. This month, we take a look at Ninja Kidz TV, available for streaming on YouTube. 


Channel: Ninja Kidz TV

Platform and streaming: YouTube; App Store; Google Play 

Age: 4+



This family-friendly channel has amassed more than 15million subscribers on YouTube since it began in 2017, and follows the exploits of Utah-based siblings Bryton (16), Ashton (14), and twins Paxton (11) and Payton (11) – spot the theme!

The self-confessed “ninjas” create high-energy content based around challenges and adventures with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyle choices and positive character-building messages for kids. And what kid doesn’t want to learn ninja skills? It’s worth noting that the Ninja Kidz themselves are trained in martial arts, gymnastics and parkour, and many of the stunts they do are supervised by adult professionals. Even so, the videos are inspirational, and your kids will pick up tonnes of fun skills.


Why we like it

  • The Ninja Kidz’ ages range from 12 to 16, so the content is appropriate for a wide age group, including younger children
  • They’re always coming up with new new and imaginative ways to play together
  • The videos are sometimes silly, sometimes educational, but they’re always fun!
  • They encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle through active play 
  • It’s nice to see siblings interacting positively and getting on together


Watch the trailer



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