Videos for Kids: Red Ted Art on YouTube

Red Ted Art on YouTube has hundreds of easy-to-follow craft activities guaranteed to keep the kids occupied this weekend…


Every month, we showcase an online video channel that’s suitable for kids. From entertaining skits to educational and informative clips, we recommend family friendly content that will engage and inspire your little ones. This month, we take a look at Red Ted Art, available for streaming on YouTube. 

Channel: Red Ted Art

Platform and streaming: YouTube;

Age: 3+ through to teenagers



Mom-of-two Maggy Woodly lives in the UK where she’s a regular contributor to the national press and has published two books – all about crafting for kids! Her wholesome YouTube channel is packed full of easy-to-follow activities, from how to make monster and owl paper bookmarks to wooden spoon fashion dolls with origami dresses. What’s more, all Maggy’s super-cute projects are created with her ethos of  “simplicity, fun, and do-ability” in mind. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained all weekend.


Why we like it

  • There are hundreds of practical videos, ranging from DIY Harry Potter notebooks and toilet roll cat gift boxes, to upcycling tin cans and plastic bottles and autumn leaf crowns
  • Playlists cater to different age groups: some videos are aimed at younger kids, while other more complex projects are suitable tweens and teens
  • Kids are encouraged to learn about different cultures through craft, such as Chinese new year and American Thanksgiving
  • There’s an emphasis on learning through play and also recycling 
  • New videos lessons are uploaded every week 


Watch a sample video



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