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TED-Ed is an invaluable resource for parents that’s helps children learn through thousands of beautifully animated videos – part of TED’s mission to spread great ideas


Every month, we showcase an online video channel that’s suitable for kids. From entertaining skits to educational and informative clips, we recommend family friendly content that will engage and inspire your little ones. This month, we take a look at TED-Ed, available for streaming on YouTube and a dedicated website. 

Channel: TED-Ed

Platform and streaming: YouTube;

Age: 6-18



Brought to you from the people behind TED Talks, TED-Ed is a fantastic educational resource for parents and children that features a growing library of animated videos to help your kids learn. Each video – or lesson – is designed to be short enough to keep kids engaged, and covers topics as diverse as Pumpkin Facts, Why Every World Map is Wrong, How do Squids Fly?, and The Bug that Poops Candy. The list goes on!


Why we like it

  • Many of the video lessons are collaborations between educators and award-winning animators 
  • Each video is condensed into 5 minute lesson to hold your little one’s attention
  • The range of lessons is truly impressive, covering everything from The Science of Tsunamis and Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue to Football Physics
  • Parents and teachers can sign up for daily lesson plans with video lessons tailored to specific age groups and theme
  • The video lessons range from super fun to educational – there really is something for everyone
  • There’s a whole channel dedicated to educating children about climate change
  • Parents will also love the videos – there’s so much to learn!
  • Some videos are aimed at older children, so we advise parents to create a playlist suitable for their children’s age group


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