Where to keep fit during Ramadan: MCC recommends

Find out how and where to keep fit during Ramadan and get exclusive discounts on boutique fitness studios

Fining time and energy to train during Ramadan is always a challenge, but a welcoming gym or motivational online class can help boost your mood and maintain fitness levels during Holy Month.

“Many people who want to exercise during Ramadan will break their fast with some carbohydrates and fluids with electrolytes and will then train. They then eat a proper meal after their session. This is probably the most sensible way to fit in your training as you will have provided yourself some fuel to train on,” says elite PT Omar Mansour.  “Alternatively you can try working out just before Iftar. This way you can drink and eat pretty much immediately after your session.”

Whenever, or wherever you decide to train, we’ve put together some of our favorite studios to help, some of which have exclusive discounts available to MCC members.

And don’t forget, our Bookings team is available between 2pm-2am during Ramadan to help with all your reservation needs.

1. Tribus – Riyadh

2. Kore – Riyadh

3. SPNBX Boutique Fitness – Riyadh

4. PT Omar Mansour – London/virtual classes

5. ID Fitness – London

6. Paola’s BodyBarre – London/virtual classes

7. Wellbeing Pilates – Virtual classes


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