Your top rated podcast recommendations

Need a new podcast recommendation? Check out these top rated shows suggested by the MCC community

We recently asked our MCC community on Instagram to reveal your favorite podcasts. The results are in and what a cultured bunch you are!

From motivational talks and science-based shows to parenting-focussed programmes and fitness advice, you’ve got it covered. Here, we’ve compiled the full list so you can be inspired by your fellow mooners. Happy listening!

High Performance Podcast

1. The High Performance Podcast

Motivational inspiration from sports presenter Jake Humphrey and organizational psychologist Damian Hughes, who introduce successful people and talk to them about how they reached the top of their particular trees – and stayed there.
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Crime Junkie Podcast

2. Crime Junkie

Self-confessed true-crime fanatics Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat discuss real cases that may or may not have been solved. Anyone who follows forensics shows will love this.
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Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast

3. Happy Mum Happy Baby

Started by slightly bewildered mum Giovanna Fletcher, this podcast chats about all aspects of parenthood and interviews mums, dads, and celebrities about their experience of trying to bring up children.
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Hidden Brain podcast

4. Hidden Brain

This show helps people to look deeply at themselves. Show creator Shankar Vedantam says: “Every episode aims to help people get to know themselves a little better – to think of their inner worlds with less judgment and more curiosity.”
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Free Associations Podcast

5. Free Associations

Subtitled: “Mad musings from the messy world of science”, this was started by epidemiologist Professor Matt Cox in Boston, USA, to discuss all kinds of topical scientific and medical subjects.
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Shiny Epi People Podcast

6. Shiny Epi People

American epidemiologist Lisa Bodnar talks to a group of fellow epidemiologists about just about any subject except their own. “Personal beats professional,” they say.
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Whoop Podcast

7. Whoop Podcast

One for fitness fanatics, athletes or business executives wanting to be at peak power, this podcast aims to optimize performance in everyone needing a booster.
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The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

8. The Joe Rogan Experience

American comedian – and former fight champ – Joe Rogan talks with various guests in a series of eccentric conversations about life, politics, comedy and whatever subject piques his interest.
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Lex Fridman Podcast

9. Lex Fridman

This educational podcast from AI scientist and MIT researcher Lex Fridman, offers insight into scientific issues of the day and interviews with public figures and top scientists.
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The Pomp Podcast

10. The Pomp Podcast

Entrepreneur and investor Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano hosts a popular podcast in which he talks about business, finance, technology and economics.
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Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast

11. A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

The original BBC Radio sci-fi series aired in 1978 and it has been much loved ever since. For a recap on the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything, it’s an unbeatable comic story.
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Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast

12. مشهور الدبيان

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Podcast recommendations

13. Socrates

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On the couch podcast

14. كنبة السبت

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قصة أبجورة podcast

15. قصة أبجورة

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