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We’re passionate about the transformative power of our Community

Moon Community Club began as a humble WhatsApp group in Saudi Arabia in 2015 as a way for busy moms to swap parenting tips and recommendations. This led to its three entrepreneurial co-founders launching an exclusive lifestyle website in 2020, providing members with a platform for their personal and professional lives to converge.

Since then, the business has grown and pivoted, transforming into a flourishing virtual community of world travelers, parents and professionals; a new generation high-end concierge service to elevate its members’ lives. A members-only app will launch in 2023 and will cement MCC's reputation as the go-to platform for discerning hand-picked individuals who want to be inspired.

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Moon Community Club is an exclusive concierge service for people who want to elevate their lives

Moon Community Club FAQs

MCC is an invitation-by-referral, annual membership for people looking for opportunity, adventure and experiences that matter. Our dedicated bookings team not only handle hundreds of our members’ restaurant and hotel bookings, trip itineraries and travel advice, but we can support and inform upon all areas of our members’ lifestyle needs, from unique retail collections; hard-to-book concerts and sporting events; hot-ticket launches and openings; networking and retreats; bespoke and luxury jewellery, fashion and art, and real estate opportunities. We leverage our vast and growing network of brand partners and collaborators to help and support our members in their interests both at home and abroad. Through valuable connections and a constantly evolving communication system between members, staff and partners, we can secure first look gallery openings, introduce fine art collectors and advisers, gain access to the hottest destinations before they open, share interesting new product collections and even help members promote their own businesses and interests.

MCC is about access and opportunity. Of course, members still pay for their own travel, restaurants, products they buy, and so on. We provide the means and the information, and we organise the bookings and logistics for you, depending on your needs and preferences. In some cases, such as exclusive events and openings, the experience might be free, as part of our partners’ promotions. We will of course always advise when these opportunities come up and what is included in each package.

MCC manages a waiting list of incoming members. To request to join, simply click [here] to fill out the form so a member of the team can respond to your application. Remember to provide your referral from an existing MCC member to help with the process.

Due the exclusivity of our Community, referrals are one of the prerequisites of joining. However, we can make exceptions in some circumstances, so please provide as much information as possible so we can review your application individually.

Our memberships are for individual members, but of course when making bookings such as travel, restaurants and so on, we can book for your entire family or friends, depending on who is joining you, as long as you are part of the booking.

Yes you may purchase a membership for another person providing you are also acting as that person’s reference, as MCC remains a referral-only members’ club.

Once you become a member you will have access to our Wati (WhatsApp) group which will put you in touch with our dedicated team of bookings experts who can book tickets, secure restaurant tables, organize your travel itineraries, and offer advice on the best options, introductions and opportunities for whatever experience you’re looking for.

We have a waiting list of incoming membership applications that we don’t ever want to get too long, so if people want to temporarily pause their membership for whatever reason we can, but we would have to place you at the back of the waiting list to reactive your membership, so we can support other incoming members.

MCC memberships are run on an annual basis and you have the option to end your membership at the end of the membership year. We would always reach out to you prior to this and check that you are happy to renew your membership, and enquire if there was anything that could make your membership even better.

For fairness to all members, all memberships are annual.

We believe in the power of our Community and many of our members love to interact. We sometimes hold events where members can meet each other, and we recently launched the MCC Business Network that allows members to promote their own businesses to each other and our followers on the MCC Website and Instagram page. With the launch of the MCC App, we hope to give our members opportunities to recommend experiences, from the best new restaurants and the most memorable holidays, in the spirit of how MCC was born.

Sure. The Community and networking element is an option not a requirement. We respect the privacy of members and will honour any discretionary requirements for travel and bookings. Please notify the team if you have any specific requirements when you make bookings through MCC.

MCC places the value on experience and opportunity, and we like to provide our members with access to the best in travel, food, events, and whatever else we can offer. However, because we have strong relationships with so many bookings vendors we are often able to secure fantastic deals and money-can’t-buy ticket access to the best restaurants, concerts and sporting events, so the value of MCC is much bigger than just discounts and savings.