Children’s app of the week: Osmo Little Genius

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Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour from award-winning children’s production company Anamil Tech select the best apps to expand your little one’s mind and help make learning fun.

App: Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit 
Age: 3-5 years 
Focus: Early learning skills 


Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

  Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit helps kids learn by engaging them with physical game pieces that they activate in various apps. The four games in the Little Genius Kit focus on: 

  • ABCs: nursery school letter formation
  • Squiggle Magic: creating pictures with sticks/rings that come alive
  • Costume Party: dressing and feeding a character
  • Stories: bringing animals to life, which encourages problem solving, learning letters and creativity


Why we love it

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  • Easy set up - while it can seem a bit daunting at first, Osmo has actually made it really easy for your child, so easy, in fact, that even us parents can do it.
  • Covers a variety of skills - from ABC’s and 123’s to creating stories and drawing, even learning about emotions, the games provide a lovely introduction to key areas of early learning development.
  • Very intuitive for the child - they really enjoy engaging with the physical game pieces and then watching the results come to life on the screen, where further engagement happens in the digital gameplay.

Osmo ticks all the boxes of being educational and fun. Furthermore, from Anamil Tech’s perspective, it demonstrates very clever use of technology, which can be used in a constructive, user-friendly way. 

Have your children tried Osmo Little Genius? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.
Link to the App Store:

About the authors

Sarah Faisal and Nicole Seymour are from award-winning children’s production company, Anamil Tech. Sarah, Founder and MD of Anamil Tech, and with a PhD in human computer interaction, is passionate about using media and technology to make learning fun and expand children’s knowledge of the world around them. 

Nicole Seymour, Creative Director of Anamil Tech, has been creating and producing digital content for young children for over 20 years for companies such as CBeebies, Disney, Lego Media and Scholastic

Anamil Tech 

Founded in 2015, Anamil Tech develops multilingual learning apps and videos to grow young children’s minds. Its flagship brand, Pacca Alpaca, is now being transformed into a children’s TV show, which Sarah and Nicole are producing, alongside an animated TV show intended for family audiences in the Middle East.

Image credit: Osmo / Shutterstock