Your Guide to Kuwait City

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As MCC expands around the world, we are introduced to new places and people and cultures, while our community flourishes with new opportunities of exploration and shared experiences. Our presence in Kuwait is growing, and as our Kuwaiti members use our Services, we learn more and more about this beautiful country and its capital.  


Kuwait City is taking its place on the MCC map as a growing place of interest, so here are some places you might be interested in and perhaps one day visit for yourself.  




Seif Palace



Seif Palace


Seif Palace is a historical palace located in Kuwait City, Kuwait. It is the official residence of the Emir of Kuwait and is known for its distinctive blue dome and white walls. The palace has a rich history and is a symbol of Kuwait's heritage and culture. It is also a popular tourist attraction, with guided tours available for visitors to learn more about its significance. One of Seif Palace's best-known features is the watch tower, covered in blue tiles and with a roof plated in pure gold.


The Grand Mosque


The Grand Mosque in Kuwait City is one of the largest mosques in Kuwait and is located in the heart of the city. It is a significant religious and cultural landmark, known for its beautiful Islamic architecture and design. The mosque can accommodate thousands of worshippers and is a popular place for prayer and spiritual gatherings.



The Kuwait National Museum


The Kuwait National Museum is a museum located in Kuwait City that showcases the history and culture of Kuwait. It features a range of exhibits on topics such as the country's archaeological heritage, traditional crafts, and the oil industry, which has played a significant role in Kuwait's economy. The museum also houses a planetarium, a heritage area, and displays artifacts from Kuwait's past. It is a popular destination for both tourists and locals interested in learning more about Kuwait's history and heritage.


Failaka Island


Failaka Island is a man-made island located in Kuwait, near the coast of Salmiya. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, with historical remnants of many different civilisations of the past. The island offers a variety of water sports activities, as well as casual dining options and relaxation opportunities such as a boating lake. Failaka Island is a popular destination for those who like get away from the city and experience a more local, authentic and historical setting.





Souq Al Mubarakiya


The shopping scene in Kuwait City is vibrant and diverse, with a wide range of shopping malls, boutiques, and traditional markets to choose from. Some popular shopping destinations in Kuwait City include The Avenues Mall, Marina Mall, and Souq Al Mubarakiya, offering a mix of high-end international brands, local designers, and traditional Kuwaiti goods. Here are some of the brands and stores our members have enjoyed.


Black Pearl

This jewelry store was founded by entrepreneur Lulwa Al-Mishari in 2011 and inspired by her love of jewelry and her background in finance. The store carries brands ranging from fashion jewelry and accessories to designer brands, and there's also an online store.




Being one of the few providers of antiques and collectables in Kuwait, Dukkanii takes pride in offering the best in home accessories, vintage pieces, and gifts.


The Iris House


This luxury home-décor store is set in a traditional-style villa in Messilah. Furniture, cookware, paintings, mirrors everything is there for your interior design.


Silver Corner


High-end home accessories store selling beautiful items from design houses such as Versace, Hermès, Rosenthal and Borowski.


Madame Mantis


Madame Mantis\' is a concept created by two passionate individuals who felt that a new perspective in art and design should be introduced starting from Kuwait and then to many other countries around the Middle East and the world.


MN Boutique


MN Boutique is a clothing brand established in the heart of Kuwait, specializing in designer fashion wear and accessories with inspiration from all around the world.


Mariam Al Bader


A Kuwaiti brand established in 2013. The brand concept revolves around pushing the boundaries of tradition & heritage.






Cocoa Room


Not only growing in reputation, but Kuwait City has a restaurant scene as diverse as any of the other popular GCC cities. Fine dining restaurants mix with casual eateries, and the city is known for its vibrant cafe culture with a fantastic atmosphere. Here are some of the more popular restaurants that our members book with us.  




Asian/Latin fusion cuisine in a bistro-like setting with imaginative dishes such as pop-rock prawns, mac and cheese fries, crispy rice with ribs and sando katsu.


Giulia By Vigonovo


Italian restaurant in the Shuwaikh port area, serving pasta, pizzas, traditional main courses and yummy desserts.




Amal Chahine's experience of travel and as a student in Canada, together with her love of home cookery and hosting dinner parties, led her to open her restaurant in a secluded garden space in the heart of Kuwait City. Ovo is smart, contemporary and offers a vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian menu. Amal wanted to make it an 'epicurean’s haven', in a setting that feels as though you’ve been invited to eat at someone’s house.


Dar Hamad


Large, lofty, beautifully designed contemporary  restaurant serving traditional and modern Kuwaiti food. It's split into five sections: the restaurant, outdoor terrace, chai lobby, banqueting, and Sandoog

boutique. Good for an authentic taste of Kuwait.


Principale Ristorante Di Nino


A rebirth of thye long-established Nino brand, Principale’s menu uses fresh produce, imported cheese and home-made pastas in classic Italian dishes. Produce comes from Kenaneya Farms in northern Kuwait, cheeses from the Italian countryside, Sicily and Sardinia.


Cocoa Room


Cocoa Room charmingly blends a contemporary breakfast by day, with a French-Mediterranean experience at night. The brightly lit interiors dressed in Italian marble, brass and herringbone wood shine in the sunny rays of the morning. Throughout the day, the live chocolate tempering and the artful food presentations create share-worthy moments. 


White Robata


Smart contemporary Japanese restaurant specializing in robata (charcoal grill) cuisine in front of an open kitchen. The Riyadh White Robata recently opened and has been a strong partner for MCC in offering members invitations to special events. 



If you're a member and want learn more about these places or if you're interested in booking a trip to, or book something within, Kuwait City, contact the bookings team at any time.