6 beautiful ways to decorate your dining table this Ramadan

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Decorating the table for Ramadan is a tradition the whole family can enjoy, and with a little inspiration from the experts, it's possible to transform a simple table setting into a joyful masterpiece. 

Sarah Al Dabbagh started Lace Events in Jeddah in 2011 and quickly built a reputation as an imaginative designer of everything from gala dinners to stunning weddings. 

“I believe in combining the service and style of the west with the enchanting traditions and hospitality of the east,” she says. Here, Sarah gives her take on setting a stunning table. 

Sarah says: The past couple of years Covid has taken away so much from our joy by separating us from family members and friends, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, but it somehow gave us the time to take a step back and focus on what really matters, and how to make the best out of a difficult situation. 

One thing is for sure, being healthy, having a roof over your head and food on your table has proven to be the biggest blessing of all. 

Now, with Ramadan approaching it's time to prepare our homes and tables to be enjoyed in the most beautiful and festive way possible. Try these tips to help create a fun and festive tablescape at home:   

Lace Events / Decorative bowls

1. Think outside the box

Don't be afraid to use unconventional objects that you find around the house as centerpieces, remember, you make the rules. From antiques to white paper sculptures, reimagine them as objets d’art for the table. Place candles or flowers on a vintage mirror; use pretty ornaments to hold flowers from unusual angles. How about a floral display in an antique teapot? Or from a modern piece of ceramic?   

Lace Events / Use your best crockery

2. Bring out the best

Remember the china dishes you bought and kept for guests and special occasions? use them! Now more than ever, every day is worth celebrating. Either have a glorious mix of dishes that reflect the history of family members perhaps grandma’s wedding platters, your own bridal china and your daughter’s contemporary plates – or choose a theme and stick with one colour or texture.   

Lace Events / Candles

3. Shine a light

You can never have enough candles – they always add the perfect mood and ambiance. Try using different heights grouped together for an attractive perspective, or set them in pretty glasses on stands, surrounded by fresh flowers. Make antique glassware a feature by dropping tealights inside – check first that the glass will withstand the heat – and weave a path of light between your displays of flowers.   

Lace Events / rose bowl

4. Flower power

If you're using flowers, it's fun to try local ones such as the pink roses from Taif. Think about the containers. Do you have vintage brass or copper? Deep red roses would look gorgeous arranged against the glowing metal. Use rich cords or raffia to tie bunches together, or consider a centerpiece of flowers and greenery along the length of the table. Perhaps a contrast between fresh and dried stems. If you have no access to fresh cut flowers, snip some attractive greenery or flowers, such a bougainvillea, from your own garden.   

Lace Events / Use flowers and spices in bowls

5. Spice it up

Spices are not just for the kitchen. Think of the gorgeous earthiness of cinnamon,  the muted greens of cardamom pods or even the bright reds of fresh chilis. their colors, textures and smells can be so aesthetically pleasing. Draped in swathes on the table or arranged in bowls and vases, they add a quirky touch.   

Lace Events / Decorate with fruit

6. Fruit cocktail

Bowls of fruit on the table can bring their own range of fresh colors – imagine the freshness of citrus, the earthy browns of dates, the plump reds and greens of figs and the mixed shades of mangoes. Try a pyramid display on a tiered cake stand. Even bowls of sprouting seeds – the greens against the pale creams – can add an extra dimension.  

More about Lace Events

Lace Events, founded by event planner Sarah Al Dabbagh, has designed the annual gala dinner for The Saudi Art Council, as well as many other art related events in Saudi Arabia. In 2016 the company planned the gala dinner for the very first Vogue fashion experience in Jeddah hosted by Vogue Italia. In 2020, Lace Events designed the inaugural gala dinner for the launch of the Ministry of Culture in Riyadh. 

Email: info@lace-events.com


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