How to motivate your children to be charitable this Ramadan

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Encourage your children to be charitable this Ramadan with these top tips from Saudi author and educator Zaina Zedan 

As families settle down to the familiar rhythms of Ramadan, thoughts turn to activities that we can do with our children to fit in with the spirit of the season. 

In 2021, covid hit everyone’s celebrations and group activities suffered. A year later, covid has not gone away entirely but regulations have relaxed. So during the holy month, how can children be encouraged to return to the traditions of charity and helping others that they usually see all around them at this important time? As parents we should encourage kids to think of creative ways to give, to reinforce its importance. 

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Now, of course, families can meet again in homes and restaurants, but there are many who may be more housebound, or in need, and children can be encouraged to think of ways to help them.

First and foremost, use the internet. Children are enthusiastic and talented practitioners of all things social media, so encourage them to get online and turn their skills to good use. They’ll probably be thrilled to be valued for their networking abilities rather than being nagged to turn off their phones. 

Try these suggestions to bring the family together over Ramadan: 

  • Parcel drop  Children could deliver disposable prayer mats, hand-sanitizers and even masks to places that need them – keeping within health guidelines.
  • Spread the word Family members can share stories, experiences and even skills to help others, such as tutoring, memorizing surahs from the holy Qur’an, discussing important topics, and creating book clubs and art-sharing sessions.
  • Shop online Arrange a virtual bazaar among family and friends and donate the proceeds to charities that help the hungry.
  • Make that call Virtually visiting the elderly and remembering others in prayers (Thikir), are both gestures that children can join in. Ask them to create an Islamic daily prayer chart to be shared with friends or cousins.
  • Box sets Suggest children make decorated “Sadaqa” money boxes that can be given to the less fortunate.

These are exceptional times but they have also brought us together and sparked new opportunities for our children to learn how to give back. As the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “The most rewarding action in Islam is aiding those in need, gladdening the heart of a Muslim, feeding the hungry, and helping the afflicted.” 

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More about Zaina Zedan

A passionate Saudi educator with more than 20 years’ teaching experience, Zaina is committed to help improve children’s educational needs and areas of development. Her aim is always to make learning fun. An author of three children’s books:  “لا بأس”, published in 2015, and two more, “صوتي أحلى”, and “عودي يا نقودي”, she is also an educational workshop presenter/ speaker and, most importantly, a mother to three children.



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