Unique honeymoon destination ideas

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Getting married is one of life’s great milestones, but finding a creative honeymoon destination is easier said than done - especially when there’s a sumptuous wedding to plan. 

At MCC, we’re proud to work with trusted travel partners who will do all the hard work for you. They’ll listen to your requirements and work with you to create a fittingly unique honeymoon experience to celebrate the start of your new life.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner on a secret beach in Indonesia, a bespoke treasure hunt that takes you on an adventure around the world, or a private sunrise breakfast at a stunning location, such as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, our partners do honeymoons differently. 

And in the meantime, if you’re looking for some inspiration about which destinations are set to be on trend next year, we’ve got you covered with our shortlist of 2024s hottest honeymoon haunts…

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1. Luxurious Japan

From the bright lights of Tokyo and the temples of Kyoto to the sandy beaches of Okinawa (which rival the Maldives), Japan is ideal for couples looking for something a little different. Its deeply rooted history and traditions make it the perfect backdrop to a romantic - and captivating - getaway.

When to visit: go all year round, although cherry blossom season (March to May) is the most popular time of year. Autumn is also a lovely time of year to visit, with the trees turning vivid red.

2. Fiji island hopping

With its stunning turquoise water, where you can enjoy world-class scuba diving among the coral reefs, and relaxed way of life, island hopping in Fiji is always a good idea. Each island has its own individual charm and reasons to visit, and you can arrive in style on a helicopter transfer.

When to visit: May to October

3. Indonesia

There’s a lot to take in when you visit Indonesia, so it’s worth picking a couple of complementary stopovers to make the most of your visit. Whether that’s the unspoiled beauty of Lombok, exploring the hills of Central Java or cruising around the remote Raja Ampat Islands, there’s truly something for everyone in this magical archipelago. 

When to visit: April to October

4. Tanzania

Perfect for couples who may usually enjoy different types of holiday, Tanzania seamlessly blends adventure with relaxing and watching the world go by in one package. You can be spotting the Big Five on the plains of the Serengeti one day and relaxing on the dazzling white beaches of Zanzibar the next.

When to visit: anytime except mid-March to May

5. Seychelles

This quintessential honeymoon destination never goes out of fashion, and for good reason. It’s the ultimate tropical getaway that promises deserted beaches, lush jungle and of the most romantic private retreats available. 

When to visit: March to May or September to November