Our pick of the top restaurants in Baden Baden, Germany

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Discover the best restaurants Baden Baden - the historic German city famed for its incredible architecture and winter sports 

The spa town of Baden Baden in south-west Germany, sits in the foothills of the Black Forest mountains and has been made a Unesco World Heritage site for its spas and the 18th and 19th-century architecture that grew up around them.

 People have been coming to experience the mineral waters and fresh mountain air for centuries. The area offers hiking and horse-racing in summer, morphing into a ski area in winter.  

The total population is just 56,000, but the town packs a punch in terms of attractions.  Apart from the famous thermal baths, the town boasts Germany's largest opera house and concert hall, magnificent parks and gardens, the world-famous casino and the stunning historic Kurhaus, where you can shop in its colonnades, dine in its restaurants or watch concerts in the grounds. And visitors in December will find one of the most beautiful and traditional Christmas markets in Germany. 

Of course in such a beautiful town there are lots of dining options and the MCC team has put together a list of some of the nicest. 

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Nigrum restaurant / Baden Baden

1. Nigrum

Arguably one of the finest restaurants in Baden-Baden, Nigrum is mentioned in the Michelin Guide and is housed in an expensively converted former stables, with furniture by Philippe Starck. Head chef Ronald Ettl often revives classic dishes and gives thema contemporary twist. 
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Call: +49 7221 397 9008 
Address: Schloßstraße 20, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Hectors restaurant / Baden Baden

2. Hectors

Set within the magnificent Kurhaus, Hectors is a lofty, smart contemporary restaurant serving imaginative dishes both during the day and evening both inside the beautiful building and outside on extensive terraces. In the afternoons they serve ice cream and cakes from businesses within the colonnades. 
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Call: +49 7221 9070 
Address: Hurhaus, Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Wintergarten / Baden Baden

3. Wintergarten

In the winter garden of the rather grand Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, this restaurant offers picturesque views of the spa gardens from a glass conservatory and, in good weather, outside terrace. The cuisine is local with French influences and is mentioned in the Michelin Guide. 
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Call: +49 7221 900 890 
Address: Schillerstraße 4/6, Baden-Baden 76530 

Wirtshaus zur Geroldsauer Mühle / Baden Baden

4. Wirtshaus zur Geroldsauer Mühle

A wirtshaus is roughly the same as an English pub or tavern,, but perhaps more in line with the current gastro-pub idea in terms of food offerings. This upscale version is located a couple of  miles from the city center, and has a market that sells fresh local products and a kitchen that cooks them. 
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Call: +49 7221 996 468 30 
Address: Geroldsauer Straße 54, 76534 Baden-Baden 

Heine’s Wine and Dine / Baden Baden

5. Heine’s Wine and Dine

Fine dining in a contemporary setting. The restaurant does not offer à la carte, but presents one seasonal menu, changed every two weeks, prepared with local ingredients. 
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Call: +49 7221 397 94 66 
Address: Merkurstraße 3, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Wirtshaus Molkenkur Baden Baden

6. Wirtshaus Molkenkur

This smart contemporary tavern in a historic building serves modern German food in its restaurant, with regional specialities such as sauerbraten, boiled beef and other regional and seasonal dishes. 
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Call: +49 7221 33257 
Address: Quettigstraße 19, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Restaurant Merkurstuble / Baden Baden

7. Restaurant Merkurstuble

This restaurant offers a mountain-top dining experience in a location that would be hard to beat. Its menu concentrates on hearty  regional specialities. 
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Call: +49 7221 9227744 
Address: Merkuriusberg 5, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Cafe Konig / Baden Baden

8. Cafe Konig

Coffee and cakes served in an elegant room or, when the weather is nice, on the terrace under a linden tree. 
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Call: +49 7211 23573 
Address: Lichtentaler Straße 12, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Kaffeehaus / Baden Baden

9. Kaffeehaus

Enjoy good coffee and home-made cakes in this smart modern coffee house which roasts its coffee in small batches using a drum-roasting method. It also offers a wide range of teas from Perch's Thehandel in Copenhagen, who are suppliers to the Danish royal family. 
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Call: +49 7211 702 50 20 
Address: Gernsbacher Straße 24, 76530 Baden-Baden 

Conditori Cafe Beek / Baden Baden

10. Conditori Cafe Beek

Set in the Hotel Beek in the middle of the spa area, Cafe Beek, open since 1885, is open from breakfast onwards for its famous quality meals and delicious cakes and pastries. Try the cherry cake. It’s unforgettable. 
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Call : +49 7211 36760 
Address: Gernsbacher Straße 44, 76530 Baden-Baden


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