Where to find Mallorca’s best beaches

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From family hotspots with watersports and sunbeds, to secluded bays surrounded by forests, our guide to Mallorca's best beaches has something for everyone

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Mallorca’s beaches have attracted tourists for decades, both those from cooler climates hoping for some sun and those from hotter climates looking for slightly balmier weather. Around 10 million tourists a year are attracted by the island’s beautiful beaches and warm weather (around 17C in winter and 85-90C in summer), so our team has been putting together a list of beaches for everyone to enjoy.  

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Santa Ponsa Beach 
Just under 10 miles from Palma, this popular large beach of fine white sand is considered ideal for families. It’s also lined with trees for those seeking shade from the hot sun. There are plenty of sun umbrellas and hammocks, lots of watersports catered for, and it’s amply served by restaurants and cafés. 
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Es Trenc 
Sitting on the south-west coast, Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most popular beaches, partly because of its Caribbean-blue shallow water and partly because it is one of the last natural beaches not lined with hotels and restaurants. The beach is now within a national park, so future development should be restricted. There are few facilities, only basic toilets – and a few beach bars. Families should be aware that there are several areas dedicated to naturists. 
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Cala Agulla 
On the north-east coast, within a national park, sits the fine sandy beach of Cala Agulla, backed by trees, dunes, flat rocks and views of the mountains. The area around it is not built up in terms of hotels and shops, but there are beach bars and a restaurant. It’s worth noting, though, that this beach is popular and can get very crowded. 
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Playa d'Alcúdia is a long, white sandy beach in the north, a few miles from Port d'Alcúdia. Just over two miles of clean white sand lapped by shallow water makes this a popular beach for families  – there are watersports, a children’s play area and plenty of sunbeds to rent. 
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Magaluf is one of the major mass-tourism towns in Mallorca and its lovely 985-yard beach reflects that. It has the fine-grained sand and clear water that visitors love, together with lifeguards, water sports, restaurants, toilets and many other facilities.  It’s worth considering that Magaluf is very much a party town – with bars, discos and clubs – and may not be entirely suitable for families with young children. 
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Palma Nova
This lovely white sandy beach is at the heart of the purpose-built resort town of Palma Nova, and as such has been designed with families in mind. It’s very clean – the local authorities have imported sand to improve the already pristine natural beach – and there are lots of bars and restaurants nearby. 
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Cala Contesa 
This lovely little beach within the resort town of Illetes is set in a small bay with rocky outcrops that protect it from the open sea, and mountains at the rear. There are trees for shade, rocks for basking upon, and nearby toilet facilities. Its small size means that it can get crowded quickly in summer. 
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Portals Vells
This is the main beach for the small town of Portals Vells in the south west, and consists of an attractive small cove with fine-grained sand and surrounded by pines. The water is crystal clear and usually calm. There are toilet facilities and one restaurant, and also plenty of parking. No tourist or public buses stop there, so some of the crowds are kept away. 
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Palmira Beach
This large beach is the main one of three serving the coastal area of Peguera and has all the usual big-beach facilities together with a tree-lined boulevard and lots of nearby restaurants and cafés. The sweeping crescent of sand is protected by two headlands. 
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