Back to school: help your kids thrive with a little extra help

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Discover more about how Moonfame's extra-curricular activities for your child

It’s time to pack your little ones off to school again but as most parents know, not all education is done in the classroom. 

Traditional curriculum-based education is, of course, a vital part of your child’s evolution, but encouraging them to develop their talent and creativity outside of the traditional classroom environment can help them flourish. 

MCC co-founder and entrepreneur Nouf Miteb established Moonfame in 2015 to do exactly that. Frustrated by the lack of extra-curricular activities available for her little ones, Nouf decided to take matters into her own hands and began developing programmes and activities to complement her children’s traditional learning. 

Moonfame is now an industry leader in the production and provision of bespoke educational and extra-curricular experiences for all ages. Its children’s workshops include everything from circus skills and pantomime production, to team building and storytelling, to gardening initiatives and tennis lessons.

There are even organised playdates for younger and a programme to help older children prepare for university - but more on that in the coming weeks… 

You can also design your own programme specifically tailored to your children’s needs or let them find a private tutor who’s an expert in their field. Whatever you need, Moonfame will help find a solution so you and your children can prosper.

Find out more about Moonfame’s programmes here or contact them directly to discuss how they can help.