Moonfame is an industry leader in the production and provision of bespoke educational and extra-curricular experiences for all ages. From early years, though University prep and workplace support, we have you and your family covered.
With qualified and innovative teachers, Moonfame provides tailor-made, international quality, educational and entertainment opportunities across all subjects and disciplines, both physically and virtually.

Moonfame has now joined the MCC family to offer the Community further benefits and access to a vast network of qualified and dedicated teachers and education programs. Moonfame will continue to offer services to non members, but MCC members will receive preferable rates for the available packages, as part of their ongoing membership.



We offer comprehensive evaluation services for students from kindergarten through to 12th grade, using internationally accredited assessments to measure academic process and proficiency in core subjects. We can adapt to your curriculum choice and offer many services including dyslexia screening, accelerated learning, enrichment education and tutor supervision.

University Prep Programs

We offer targeted preparation courses for students transitioning into higher education, including SAT and IELTS/TOEFL prep, college application and essay workshops, and personalized counseling to navigate the university admissions process. Fully customized to fit different budgets and schedules depending on student needs. We also can explore internship opportunities to help provide real-world experience and enhance college applications.

Camps & Activities

We offer a range of private, out-of-home, after-school and summer camp options depending on budget and scheduling needs, and tailored to individual learning opportunities and requirements. We blend educational content with fun and entertaining activities to create engaging and memorable experiences for children of all ages. We cover a variety of subjects through science experiments, arts and crafts, storytelling, technology workshops, sports and academic clubs, all designed to enrich their development and learning.

For more information on these services, you can contact the MCC bookings team at any time. MCC Members will receive automatic access and preferred rates for all packages and programs. Non members may still receive bespoke packages and programs tailored to your needs. Anyone new to MCC or these services and is interested to know more, contact us below: