MCC Education: Interview with the founder

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Moonfame, the renowned industry leader in the production of bespoke education programs for children, has joined the MCC family. This was a strategic decision by Moonfame founder and MCC co-founder Nouf Miteb, as a way to tap into the larger resources of the growing MCC business, and streamline services for MCC members. 


During this transitional phase, we chatted with Nouf about her journey with what is now MCC Education. 


Why did you start your education business, then known as Moonfame?


"In 2015, I founded Moonfame with the intention of discovering and nurturing the unique interests and talents of children within the supportive environment of their homes. Traditionally, children’s activities were often chosen based on outdated gender norms—soccer or boxing for boys, ballet or gymnastics for girls. I believed this approach overlooked the individual talents children possess, which deserved recognition and development.


Moonfame was born from the conviction that every child has unique gifts, and these can be best identified and fostered from home. We initiated a model where children, under parental guidance, could explore various activities and uncover their own interests and abilities. This exploration is not just about identifying talents; it’s about bonding, building self-confidence, and understanding themselves better.


One of our key events involves children presenting their projects to an audience, explaining their ideas and pricing. This event isn’t just a showcase; it’s a practical learning experience in business, education, research, and entrepreneurship. Each time they participate, they choose different categories, enhancing their communication and social skills. This holistic approach has proven effective in developing not only specific talents but also crucial life skills in young individuals."


Why are you so passionate about children’s development?


"I am deeply passionate about children's development because I view children as the cornerstone of our community, our nation, and ultimately, the world. I believe that nurturing both their mental and physical growth is crucial. This passion drives my commitment to finding innovative ways to enhance their education, health, and overall well-being.  

Our approach must be comprehensive, going beyond what is traditionally offered in schools. Schools play a vital role, but they cannot address every individual need. Recognizing this, I advocate for creating tailored programs that fill these gaps, catering specifically to the diverse needs of each child. By doing so, we can foster environments where children not only believe in themselves but are also equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in life.


This commitment involves continuously developing programs that support their growth in ways that schools typically can't. Whether it’s through physical activities, mental challenges, or creative endeavors, our goal is to prepare them for the future by building strong, educated, and confident individuals."



MCC Education also accommodates children with learning disabilities. Why is this important to you?


"I firmly believe in the importance of early identification of disabilities in children, not as a cause for shame, but as a crucial step in providing the support they need to thrive. Recognizing and addressing these issues early can significantly simplify solutions and enhance a child's educational and life experiences.  


We are committed to ensuring that every child enjoys their school years and education by working closely with experts to address and manage any disabilities they might face. Whether it's dyslexia, ADHD, or another condition, early detection allows us to intervene effectively, often allowing students to overcome these challenges or manage them successfully with ongoing support.


Our approach integrates support both at home and in school, creating a powerful partnership that significantly benefits the child. By collaborating with schools and experts, we not only provide tailored solutions but also foster an inclusive environment where every student can enjoy learning and feel valued.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower students to enjoy every aspect of their lives, free from the barriers that untreated disabilities might pose. Our success stories, where students move beyond their disabilities, underscore the effectiveness of early intervention and personalized support."


Extra curricular activities, or “edutainment”, are a big part of the services that MCC Education provides. Do you feel that this is an important part of children’s education?


"Extracurricular activities and enrichment programs are essential components of holistic education. I strongly believe that these programs are not just supplementary; they are crucial in helping students explore their talents and manage stress. Beyond academics, these activities provide critical life skills, helping students to socialize, collaborate, and build a strong personal foundation.


Such programs deepen students' knowledge in various subjects where they might need additional support, enhancing their educational foundation and preparing them for future challenges. They also offer valuable opportunities for students to relieve stress and pressure in a structured yet relaxing environment. This balance is vital for their emotional and social well-being.


Moreover, extracurriculars and after-school programs allow students to truly understand and meet their personal needs by exploring interests that may not be covered during regular school hours. This exploration is fundamental in helping them grow into well-rounded individuals who are ready to face life after school with confidence."



What do you think you’ve learned from helping families find the best education needs for their children?


"My greatest fulfillment in life comes from helping others, particularly through educational support and enrichment. This passion began at home with my own children; whatever strategies or programs worked for us, I shared with friends and extended to the community through MoonFame. It brings me immense joy and a sense of contribution to see these efforts blossom into opportunities that benefit others.


We've developed a wide range of tailored programs at MoonFame, from extracurricular activities to university prep courses. Each program is designed to meet the unique needs of individual students, providing them with the best possible support and resources. The real return on investment for me isn’t financial—it’s witnessing the tangible impact these programs have on students' lives.  


Hearing a student thank us after a workshop or tell us how much they enjoyed and benefited from a program validates our mission. Seeing them succeed, whether it’s getting into a top university or simply growing in confidence, is profoundly rewarding. To me, success is measured by the positive changes we foster in the lives of the students we serve. When they say, ‘Thank you, MoonFame,’ it confirms that we are truly making a difference in their lives and in our community."


Why do you think these development programs are becoming more popular?


"As education becomes increasingly complex and competitive, the demand for developmental programs is rising. Today, parents have more educational resources available than ever before, yet the challenge of successfully navigating an educational career or gaining university admission has intensified. This paradox highlights the crucial role of foundational learning and extracurricular involvement from an early age.


Starting young is key. The earlier children begin to engage in diverse educational programs, the better equipped they are to handle academic challenges and the more opportunities they have in terms of university choices and career paths. These programs do more than just prepare students for academic success; they build confidence and a strong skill set that benefits them throughout life, not just in academia.


I view these educational opportunities as essential not just for academic and professional success, but for personal development. Well-rounded, confident children grow into successful adults who lead fulfilling lives. This is why at MoonFame, we focus on developing bespoke educational and extracurricular programs that nurture young individuals holistically. Our ultimate goal is to prepare children not only for higher education but for life itself. They are our future, and investing in their development from a young age is crucial for their success and happiness."



Moonfame recently joined the MCC family, offering new opportunities for our Community. How did this business decision come about?


"I firmly believe in the power of strategic partnerships to enhance service delivery, and this belief led to Moonfame’s decision to join the MCC team. Seeing the MCC community's strong communication skills and their collaborative approach with members convinced me of the potential benefits of this partnership.


By integrating with MCC, Moonfame aims to leverage our specialized educational programs to bring additional value to the MCC's offerings. Education is a critical sector for MCC's members, many of whom are looking for superior educational opportunities for themselves and their children. Our partnership will cater to this need by providing access to Moonfame’s unique and bespoke educational programs.


This collaboration is not just about expanding services; it’s about creating synergies that enhance the educational experiences of MCC’s members. By offering the best of what Moonfame has to developed, we aim to make the educational journey of MCC members easier and more impactful. Ultimately, this partnership will enrich the MCC’s educational sector, benefiting all members by meeting their needs with tailored, high-quality solutions."




MCC Members receive preferential rates for MCC Education services. If you're interested in chatting to us about the various programs on offer, visit us here or contact one of the MCC bookings team.