Have a stylish Ramadan with this year's must-have collections

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Covid may have put paid to the usual Ramadan festivals this year, but we can still look forward to Iftar and Suhoor events during Holy Month. And with invitations piling up, it’s only natural that our thoughts start turning to Ramadan wardrobe updates. 

Gorgeous flowing silhouettes and intricate embellishments feature heavily in this year’s capsule collections, providing a welcome antidote to the ongoing pandemic. Our edit also includes designs from several charitable organisations, so you can look stylish while supporting those in need.


Established in 2013 by Nora Aldamer, Chador caters to a sophisticated audience who want to wear elevated traditional clothing without compromising on style or quality. 

Nora specializes in designing abayas and Arabic dresses that manage to be contemporary yet timeless, using a combination of luxurious fabrics embellished with delicate beading and embroidery. 

For Ramadan this year, Nora has returned to her roots with a collection inspired by her loyal clientele. Each beautifully-crafted piece has a story to tell, with flattering silhouettes created using crisp Italian poplin and fine raw silk brocade for an elegant, contemporary feel. 

Chador thobs for Ramadan

One of Nora’s favorite pieces from the collection is the yellow silk print dress with a hint of apple green, seen above on the left. The bold black beading contrasts beautifully with the traditional fabric and modern cut. 

Chador Ramadan thobes

Another standout design is the navy dress with the statement ribbon and bow waistband (above left), beloved by Nora for its subtle, airy elegance and barely-there beading. 

Chador thobs for Ramadan

Where: Synergy building, office W7, Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa, Riyadh 13521 
Contact: +966 11 419 4441 



Online concept store Saman, founded in 2003, creates gorgeous thobes, dining and homeware, with all proceeds going to The National Home Health Care Foundation (NHHCF). Every year, Saman participates in the Bisat AlReeh fundraiser (Magic Carpet Festival), which usually takes place over five days in Jeddah, and is considered one of the Kingdom’s most prestigious Ramadan gala events. Sadly, due to Covid restrictions, the event will not go ahead as planned this year, but Saman’s collection is still available via WhatsApp and Instagram, raising essential funds for the NHHCF. 

The foundation was established in 1997 and helps provide essential end of life care for terminally ill patients once they are discharged from hospital. Its mission is to develop and raise awareness of healthcare services throughout the Kingdom, and help patients and their families adjust to the physical and psychological challenges of medical care away from public hospitals. 

Each annual Ramadan collection has a different theme, but this year, following the cancelation of the festival, Saman's owner has produced a composite collection reflecting her favorite designs from previous years. 

Saman thobs for Ramadan

The delicate, handcrafted detail on the thobes above provide a playful contrast with the simple elegance of the overall design. 

Saman thobs for Ramadan

Saman Instagram: Bisat AlReeh: 

Las Boutique

Fashion designer and boutique owner Lamya Alsamra was inspired by royalty, history and colorful jewelery when it came to designing her 2021 Ramadan capsule collection. Gorgeous jewel tones - ruby reds, turquoise blues and emerald greens - feature heavily in this year’s dazzling collection, lavishly embellished with Lamya’s signature embroidery, sequins and delicate thread work. 

Famed for her sumptuous capes, Lamya’s standout piece this year is a burgundy and gold velvet design (seen below) with instricate embroidery and hand-stitched gold sequins for a glamorous, sophisticated look. 

The collection is available to purchase at Las Boutique in Al Khobar, and also via Designer’s Hub, who took the photographs seen below. 

LAS Boutique Ramadan thobs / Designers Boutique

Lamya's burgundy velvet cape evokes effortless glamour, and is the signature look from this year's collection; perfect for those extra-special Iftar and Suhoor gatherings. 

LAS Boutique Ramadan thobs / Designers Boutique

Delicate gold thread has been hand-stitched into this colorful design, finished in a light, airy fabric that blends modest traditions and femininity. 

LAS Boutique Ramadan thobs / Designers Boutique

Where: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Dhahran 34426 34424 
Contact: +966 13 887 2424 
Designer's Hub: 


Art of Heritage

Art of Heritage began as a philanthropic society more than 25 years ago, and continues to provide a socially responsible platform for the preservation and conservation of Saudi cultural heritage. 

Specializing in creating beautifully tailored, handmade clothing, accessories and gifts, Art of Heritage trains local Saudi women to use traditional embroidery and sewing techniques to preserve ancient customs and provide sustainable employment. 

This year’s collection features colorful fabrics and relaxed silhouettes with hand-embroidered cuffs and necklines, for a look that is timeless and unique. 

Art of Heritage thobs for Ramadan

The Art of Heritage design team begins each collection by researching traditional patterns, colors, textiles and styles from each corner of the Kingdom. Then they apply the style or pattern to a gift or garment in order to preserve our cultural heritage in a way that fits seamlessly into our daily lives. 

Art of Heritage thobs for Ramadan

The organisation has boutiques in Riyadh and Jeddah carrying a broad range of gifts, accessories, fine designs and patterns, that are made for today with a nod to the past. 

Art of Heritage thobs for Ramadan

Riyadh store: 4025 Al Ubailah Street 12242, Sulimaniya Riyadh 
Contact: +966 114641293 / ext: 210 


Launched in 2018 by three busy moms, Alef is an online fashion store for stylish children. Inspired by their little one’s playful sense of humor, simple innocence, and adventurous souls, the founders have curated a collection that reflects the joys of childhood, while creating a memorable shopping experience for children and their parents. 

This year's Ramadan selection is effortlessly stylish with easy-to-wear pieces to ensure your children always look their best during Holy Month. 

And best of all... MCC is partnering with Alef so members can enjoy 10% discount on your first online purchase. 

Alef Store Ramadan fashion for kids

Alef, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet symbolizes beginnings, it signifies diversity with its different shapes and uses, and it surely represents the beauty of our language. All qualities that are best embodied in our children. 

The store stocks global brands by well-known and emerging designers, many of which are new to the Middle East. In building the collection, Alef is careful to select high quality pieces that are big on comfort as well as style. 

Contact: +966 50 533 7337 


Herfa Association

Established in Buraydah in the Al-Qassim Region in 2008, Herfa Association’s aim is to contribute to the historic craft culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by bringing heritage skills into the present day.

The association does this through its empowering programmes: by educating and training women about sustainable craft skills, which have long been a part of the Kingdom’s history, they can then become producers in their own right, providing for their families and wider community rather than having to rely on financial subsidies. 

For Ramadan, Herfa has created a collection of beautifully embellished clutch bags and purses with a colorful tribal theme. Each bag is unique, and has been delicately beaded and stitched using Sadu embroidery techniques, and can be purchased at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh. 

Herfa Association Ramadan bag collection 2021
Herfa Ramadan bag collection 2021

Harvey Nichols: Al Faisaliah Center, King Fahad Road, P.O. Box 240, Riyadh, 11351 
Contact Harvey Nichols: +966 11 273 4444 


Steps Ahead

Established in 2008, Steps Ahead is the proud enabler of shopaholics in Riyadh, and offers a bespoke service for every client. Most of the time, shopping is fun, but sometimes it can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. At Steps Ahead, trained stylists are on hand to help you find pieces that will complement your style, and help you develop a look that’s as individual as you are.

Steps Ahead's 2021 Ramadan selection features a variety of beautiful pieces by specially selected designers from the Gulf and abroad. As a personal shopping service, Steps Ahead ensures that all the pieces it shares are from prestigious designers who are happy to collaborate with the shopping service and its clientele. 

Don't forget, MCC members are entitled to 10% off your VAT bill when they use Steps Ahead personal shopping service. 

Steps Ahead Ramadan fashion

At Steps Ahead, trained stylists are on hand to help you find pieces that will complement your style, and help you develop a look that’s as individual as you are. 

Steps Ahead Ramadan fashion

This year's selection includes everything from stunning formal dresses to elegant casual looks, and even complementary mother and child outfits. 

Steps Ahead Ramadan fashion

Contact: +966 114830583 (office) / +966 55 595 0112 (WhatsApp)