Ramadan fashion 2022: Top pics to mark Holy Month in style

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As Holy Month approaches, MCC guest stylist Aimee Parfitt selects the best Ramadan fashion 2022 looks to celebrate in style 

In preparation for long-awaited Zoom-free get-togethers and social Iftars this Ramadan, the search is on for the most perfect modest yet fashionable looks. Among the infinite options of kaftans, abayas and tunics out there, finding standout pieces that reflect your own style can be quite the challenge – and that is why I am here to help. From unequivocally feminine designs to bold color palettes, here are six unique collections from inspiring brands that invite you to discover and fall in love with them in order to be your most beautiful self, inside and out.   

The Orphic / Ramadan fashion 2022

1. The Orphic

Inspired by the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates, the The Orphic new Ramadan collection is already a timeless classic: the kaftans stand out for their simplicity and refined luxury conveyed through exquisitely crafted details.   

Bthaina / Ramadan fashion 2022

2. Bthaina

We all need a vibrant standout piece in our wardrobe: consider the Mystique Forest Collection from Bthaina of Oman and choose your perfect shade of green for a feminine yet bold look. My personal favorite: Bthaina’s gold, sequined kaftan for an additional touch of glamor!    

Rianna + Nina / Ramadan fashion 2022

3. Rianna + Nina

European brand Rianna + Nina revives the lively spirit of the Seventies through their gorgeous Petalouda collection. You’re sure to fall for their colorful and fun kimono-inspired coats that will help you stay warm during late-night social events.    

Banke Kutu / Ramadan fashion 2022

4. Banke Kuku

Lagos-based Banke Kuku takes inspiration from West-African and Western cultures to design beautifully crafted garments which flatter the silhouette while maintaining a high level of comfort.    

LA DoubleJ / Ramadan fashion 2022


No one does fashion better than the Italians: eye-popping patterns and vibrant colors define the Milanese brand La DOUBLEJ. Shine in their yellow Poet Shirt and Lollipop Skirt, night and day   

Sofellina / Ramadan fashion 2022

6. Sorellina

Last but not least, complete your fashion looks with Sorellina’s standout pieces of jewelry. Il Sole pendant on a hand chain is a favorite of mine and elevates any Ramadan look to convey a high-luxury feel.  


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